Business Development

Business Development | Do you have a product or service that is good and you want to promote it more? We love to work with great companies to help them develop and grow better, faster and more profitably.

Ask us to conduct a market analysis, we will report our findings and suggestions for discussion. If we can contribute that’s great.

Whether ist a great pie you make thats better than the competition, a steel fabricator who needs to expand, and all between we are interested in talking with you.

Evolving Company Online Profile

Building reach and increasing the company profile. Posting on social media has multi-benefits – overall you are building your online profile. Put simply; how your company looks online, when someone ‘Googles’ you. It’s really important, it’s your shop window. Zedcomms promote clients’ company profile online mainly using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google along with website …

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Website Design

Three Prospective Customers

There are three customer sets you need to think about and talk to when communicating online. Current | Customers who are active and buying from you. Know You | Customers who know you but are not currently buying from you. Dont Know You | Customers that don’t know you exist. Bear in mind these three …

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Online Search

What is Your Company Online Profile?

Nearly three in ten consumers who use site search report buying a product or service from a different business than they intended because they couldn’t find the information they were looking for online.  LONDON, 16th June, 2021 – Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the AI Search company, has today released research that shows a serious failure by businesses in …

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Facebook Page

Facebook and Instagram

Why We Must Have a Facebook Presence Facebook is changing. Facebook and Instagram will continue to be a critical part of any marketing strategy for small businesses. With a huge audience of 2.27 BILLION users of whom 75% log in daily, this is an audience online looking at content that interest.   If you sell …

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