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Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

Perfect for the startup business – of course, you need to be on the Internet and social media.  Here is an easy way to gather followers, let people know you exist and start attracting customers.

Attract customers to your business using one simple central platform.

As you set up your new business you need a website – but not just any website you need an ‘Inbound Marketing System’ deck.

A holistic way to build your business on-line

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Marketing platform that covers PR, social media, blog, SEO and a website all in one place.

An ‘Inbound Marketing System’ is a website structured in a way to attract interested customers.

Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

Also known as content marketing the build of search engine optimised and social media promoted content-rich pages with smart contact forms attract the target market.

Website Design


The Zedcomms platform is a fast start ‘Inbound Marketing System’ using tried and tested cloud based technology ideal for the startup business.


An inbound marketing system is a website that is set up to attract your target visitors. It includes a blog, contact forms, links to your social media accounts and an optimizer tool for the search engines.

As you publish pages of content the system guides you on how to optimise each page based on your target keywords. Producing a search engine optimised targeted ‘attractor page’ that is linked to your social media. Your content, what you offer and your information is on the Internet – search ready. When a visitor lands on the page they read your content with a contact form to open communication with you. Offer a free info sheet, special offer here to encourage ‘click-through’.

Zedcomms publish your platform with your logo and outline text explaining who you are and what you offer. You can access the platform and start adding content – starter text will be about you and your new business. Then you add really good content on your blog and share on social medial to attract attention.


Highlights of the Zedcomms Inbound Marketing System

What is included?

A Business Website– a cloud-based ‘easy-use’ special website that is so easy to use and it’s loaded with special features to attract you, clients.  The website is your central marketing platform where you publish and feed-in all your business activity, latest news and blogs. Run along with your established website or use the platform as the business website to save time and money – no need to buy a website if you are a startup.

Blog – incorporated and set as the main feature of the platform on the main page. The blog is tagged to allow visitors easy navigation to the subject they are interested in. A blog is a perfect way to attract your prospective clients as each page is content-rich and optimised. Write and add your own content or ‘Press’ from content you sourced on online.

Landing Pages Creator – a page the searcher will land on will be a relevant page based on the search term.

SEO: Traffic Light Indicator – this feature indicates how you are scoring as a great optimised page. The Traffic Light Indicator shows how well your page is optimised based on the key words you target.

Keyword Suggester – the system suggests key phrases based on your keywords as you type. It suggests Google recognised key phrases to target so you are targeting the best phrase.

Easy Form Insert – once your visitor is on your page; offer them an option to contact you, request some additional information, enter a competition or request a call back etc. Contact form can be added in a few clicks. Smart Form Insert – all your blogs should include a ‘call to action’ or contact form – the platform will insert a standard contact form in a couple of clicks at the end of your content. The form can be edited as required.

Social Media Integration – the platform can be integrated with all your social medial accounts – as you publish each blog page is linked to from your social media accounts. This saves time and keeps followers up to date.

Training – We will train you on how to use the system.

Email support – you have access to the Zedcomms content team to support you as you build your on-line story to attract customers.

Responsive design to ‘respond’ to all types of devices:

50% of website views are now on a mobile device.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly – your website will automatically respond to the device its viewed on.  For example a mobile phone, tablet or PC/desktop computer.

Edit on a Mobile Phone and Tablet –  as well as a PC/desktop computer – a free App is free to download for Apple and

Text View Option  – great for an easy read on all devices.

Evolve your online platform to whatever you want it to be.

How to benefit from the system

You will need to put in a few hours per week adding content and checking the SEO using the included tools.

Luckily you can use the system on most connected devices so up-dating can be done anytime, after business hours or on the move.

Basic steps to operate

  1. Write content.
  2. Find content.
  3. Add content to your page.
  4. Optimise page – as you go.
  5. Check social links.
  6. Add smart contact form.
  7. Publish content.
  8. Add contacts to your CRM – in-house place to save your contact data.
  9. Add contacts to your mail list.
  10. Follow up leads.
  11. Churn!

Finding Content – we use two content tools and set up an account for you with each account. These are Google Alerts and Klout. Google Alerts and Klout can be set up to deliver your required content then you can publish as required. Driving traffic to you.

No outlay or set up costs – just £45 per month – no contracts.


Website Design


Other Special Package Costings




£45/per month for the first year.

£90/per month thereafter.


£65/per month for the first year.

£130/per month thereafter.


Plus and Cart

£85/per month for the first year.

£170/per month thereafter.




Standard set up
PLUS+ Domain name and email address
PLUS+ Shopping cart
Email support Logo design Website theme
Online training Telephone training Website design


REF – CODE 10/17/22.

We will grow with you: Options.

Integrate MailChimp emailer.
Add a domain name.
Add email addresses.
Add shopping cart.

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A platform example

Examples of WordPress sites:



Zedcomms Inbound marketing platform was designed to allow a start-up business to quickly promote online using Inbound marketing.

The cloud-based platform is powered by WordPress – the most popular website platform in the world.


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