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Generate More Sales

You’re in business and would like to generate more sales?  More sales will improve your bottom line, make you more profit. Your not alone:

80% of all the client I have spoken with in the past year have asked ‘how do generate more sales?’ – Paul Harper.

Many businesses have fantastic products and services but experience difficulty to get off the ground with sales or can’t seem to burst the bubble of stagnant sales, worse still diminishing sales. It’s not easy to generate more sales and harder too if you are the business owner responsible for delivery of your services foremost.

Advertising is the obvious answer but its easy to get it wrong, getting it wrong can be costly. Publications, directories and press can dazzle you with hit numbers, readership estimates and ‘big fat claims’ designed to sell you an advert. There is no guarantee and most adverts don’t work in the short term.

Tips how Generate More Sales

First look closer to home for opportunities to promote your service or product. The Internet should be your first place look at. Is your website clear and easy to use.

Make sure website visitors contact you easily.

Optimise your website based on targeted search phrases.

Operate a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Capture and enter all your clients data, prospects data and even supplier data and update this information as you progress. A well managed CRM can be a powerful way to Generate More Sales.

Promote your website address everywhere; side of van, answerphone message, invoices, letterhead, reception area, all outgoing emails and anywhere your prospective clients may see it.

Add a ‘Tag Line’ to your website address – this is our web address – this is what we do.

Don’t use WWW in front of your web address – we know it begins with WWW now!

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Network with associated business and professions.

SET UP: Twitter and Facebook account manager with Google alert and Twilert feeds.

Add signatures to all email’s with a link to your website to promote your business.

RAF: Recommend a friend. Ask for recommendations or hand a leaflet to your customers to encourage them to RAF.

Investigate Google AdWords Pay Per Click especially ‘Topic’ AdWords.

Write up Press Releases (PR) and send to local press and local radio.

Identify the USP. (What is unique about your business and your service to customers).

Build a ‘Central marketing folder’. This is a folder on your computer. Add flyers, logos, Press Releases etc to this folder for future use and brand building.

Get involved with online business forums. For example:

Go to network meetings.


Link your Blog to social media.

If you would like to chat through your specific requirements to Generate More Sales, Let us know.

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