Six Steps To Selling

There are only six steps toward making a purchase. Any purchase we make, from a pack of gum to our house.

This system helps a sales professional assist the buyer to make a purchase.

There are no tricks here, or methods to push the customer to buy, the core is to identify what the customer’s requirements are then propose the required product.  Based on what the customer requires and formed to fit the customers’ needs. 

It is helpful that your sales team  – or you as a business owner – know what these steps are so people can help a prospective customer work through the process.

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Six Steps To Selling is used by all major sales organisations – see the fundamental Six Steps To Selling here:

The Six Steps To Selling are:

1 – Prospect. Identify your prospective client.

2 – Contact. Say hello, meet and greet, break the ice.

3 – Question. Qualify. Ask questions about them, the company and what they want to achieve. (this is THE most important part). Their requirements.

4 – Presentation. Explain your product and service, how it relates to your findings in step – 3.

5 – Concerns. Ask if there are any concerns and review – revert back to Step – 3.

6 – Close. It’s time to ask for an order. Most customers will NOT order unless asked. If 3 is correctly matched to 4, the order will go ahead.

Paul Harper was trained in The Six Steps To Selling in the ’90s with Xerox in the USA.  It opened his eyes to a smoother way to help his customer buy.  Although a successful salesperson Paul really liked this process because it can be relayed out to others and it is a systemised way to ensure prospective customers are handled professionally.  Paul went on to use and train this system to over 2000 clients and trained over 100 franchisees in the UK. Using this system really reflects well on your organisation.

We provide sales training in the six steps to selling. Each course is bespoke to your product or service.  For an informal chat with Paul about working with your team and the six steps to selling, simply reach out with your questions.

One client said; “It works like magic.” And it does.