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Tips For Managing Your Website

Five Basic Tips Managing Your Website.

Having worked with Internet marketing and sales generation for many years the basics still apply. Here are tips for managing your website.

1- Save Time

Typing in a web site address can take a long time – a quick short cut that I use every day is CTRL then ENTER. When visiting a .com web site simply type in the site name say “Google” in the address field then hold down the CTRL key and tap enter – This will add all the “www” and the “.com” This could save 2 hours of your life!   Search technology is so intuitive, just the site name will produce a good option.

2- Headlines

Each page of your site will have a headline. Make sure this headline is descriptive. Instead of “Welcome to our site” replace with “Welcome to ABC Company” or “Find Your Widgets Here.” Reason – search engines look at web site headlines to determine what your site is all about. If it just says “welcome” this tells the search engines nothing. Talk to the world

3- Update Your Website

Over 75% of all UK websites have not produced a return on investment. One reason is they are often out of date. Your site is a reflection of your business – would you visit a business that was out of date, advertised out of date information, did not always open? Make sure your site is updated at least once per month, better still every day.  If you can do this in-house great, if not, buy software that allows quick easy updates. Even if it is simple seasonal opening times, special offers, newsletters that’s fine.  This is really important – Content is King.

4- Tell People

You have a web site so tell people. Put your web site address everywhere you would put your phone number. Good places are on your letterhead, business cards, on vehicles, on the wall of your office – you will be amazed how many employees don’t know the company website address  – do your staff know? My favourite place a website address is the answerphone message – perfect; I can obtain company information even when you are closed.

Introduce your website into your daily speech to customers;  tell them what they can find on your web site -newsletters, FAQ’s, latest offers etc.

5- Submit your URL

It helps to “submit” your site information to the search engines. You can do this FREE by visiting Submit to Google.

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