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A Technology Company That Understands Marketing

Represent your company online, your style, your brand, designed just the way you want it.

Features included with all our website builds:

  1. Built on the latest up to date software.
  2. We use only trusted themes and layouts.
  3. Free plugins to bespoke your website.
  4. Hosted on tried and tested established servers with UK support.
  5. Free training how to manage, update and change your new website.
  6. Authenticated by Google.
  7. Installed site maps that share you’re content with the search engines.
  8. Search engine ready.
  9. Full backup and support.

Some Companys We Work With

Marketing Company in Kinston upon Hull

Will Writing Consultant

Woodlea Will Writing

Electric Gates Specialist

Electric gates specialist

Engineering Consultant

Website engineering company

Builder And Plasterer Render Specialist

Mockup Robertson Builder 1000

Upholsterer And Furniture Restoration Company

Website for upholsterer

Engineering And Beam Design Company:

Website for beam design company

Artist Website With Shopping Cart:

Artist website

Tattoo Studio

Website tattoo studio

Marketing Specialist

Mockup Clockwork

Website and SEO Marketing Specialist


*We may not have been involved in all the full designs of the examples above. We often manage and edit already established websites.

Website Design Overhaul

Over time website require a refresh and update. Too often websites are redesigned from scratch when the best websites evolve over time. Zedcomms offer two options to overhaul your company website, saving time and money and building an evolved website. This is how it works:

We will evaluate your website and make suggested changes and updates. Once agreed on work commences and the website is updated. This may include; navigation edits to ensure a better visiting experience. Addition of easy follow the navigation link to important parts of the website. Reorganisation of text. Addition of important central marketing text in the right place and addition of a good call to action – to help your visitor contact you.

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