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Website Design with a marketing focus

Website Design

An early adopter of digital systems to market and promote business, Zedcomms produce new websites for clients with the features they need. We use the major proven platforms including WordPress and all the plugins and tools readily available to meal make your website work.

Free Consultancy | Website Design.

We offer a free website design consultancy where we check over the website you already have and provide a free report.  Often clients will revise the current website or in some cases, we will redesign a website using the content from the original website.

Our top website design features we include:

  • Blog’s – great to keep your site active and fresh.
  • Linked to all the social media –  so easy to embed to social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Circles etc.
  • Free Smart Phone App – edit your site on the go with a smartphone App.
  • Update your site via email – just email your text and images to a special email address and its published.
  • Free ongoing website design consultation – as your business grows.

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