Why I always recommend WordPress.

When I first saw WordPress I was scared. The platform was modern, engaging, intuitive and free. The platform I was using at the time was by comparison dated and we were charged a licence fee to access it.

WordPress did have some issues though, it was primarily a blog so it had to have comment sections and looked like a forum. It had no real-time support, you had to wade through online forums and websites full of geek-speak to find a solution and the off the shelf free version looked terrible. Now it has evolved WordPress is fully customisable. The bugs mentioned above can be ironed out with plugins and coding adjustments. I recommend WordPress first to all my clients.

This formed into what it is today, a self-hosted WordPress website that can do pretty much everything 99% of businesses want it to do and a lot more. The ‘ lot more’ is where WordPress shines. Search optimisation is easy, adding modules and integrating social platforms is just great.

Because WordPress is the most used website platform it is vulnerable to hackers. WordPress websites are often targeted by hackers. To combat this you must update the plugins regularly, remove any unused plugins and update the themes. 

Buying your first WordPress Website Tips

Pay a pro to set it up for you.

Host on a reputable server.

Add SSL security, better security and search performance.

Use a popular theme with high reviews.

Start simple, you can add fancy stuff later.

Add an SEO plugin.

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