A Unique And Fresh Way To Market Your Company

Pull Marketing is a way to attract that ‘perfect customer’ to you.

Think about the perfect customer, age, interests, location, spend power etc. I can attract that customer to your door.

Internet or traditional methods both work but the Internet is the fastest and most cost-effective.  You need to be where your target customers are.  This can be adverts in magazines and newspapers they read or online forums they visit and subscribe to.  Another is search; what would your customer search in Google?  Reflect on your website, optimised will attract your perfect customer located in your area with your required budget.  It takes time and a little technological know-how but worth it and you can build from there.  Keep it going and always be active.

A Marketing Historical Story

Kellogs in the 1950s was a household name – why market a brand everyone knows?  so they cut the marketing budget. The customers quickly forgot and sales plummeted.

Our Marketing Plan

Devise the marketing message.
Deliver a clear marketing message.
Ensure the target market will see your marketing message.
Encourage contact – call to action.

Our Marketing Ethos

Be memorable.
Be different.
Be creative.
Include a ‘big fat claim’. (Don’t be shy about how good you are).