Adding search keywords to your website

Still important to attract your preferred target customers.

Today we populated 100’s of keywords on a clients site – it took a long time but it’s worth it and can be done easily.

Having good descriptive words inside your website tells the search engine what you are all about,  so its a way to say what you do and where you do it.

WordPress offers six ways to talk to search engines, using correctly optimised sections of your website, you can explain ‘what you do and where you do it’.  And you can write the text content once then cut and paste to the following areas: – so it doesn’t take too long.

Here are some tips on how to attract your preferred target customers.

1 – The content of each page. Write really descriptive easy to read content text about each product or service and include keywords.  Example; you sell motorbike helmets, therefore, mention the specific brands you stock along with how long you have been established.

2 – SEO Title. A strong to the point title to say what the page is about.

3 – SEO Tags for each page. Tags can be anything you feel will be useful and helpful to assist your customers to find you.   Using my motorbike shop as an example you could Tag each page with just one or multiple tags.  For example, this would be the brands you carry.

4 – SEO Keywords for each page. This is important – just one word that is key to the content of the page.

5 – SEO Description. Describe the content of the page in about ten words again using the keywords and tags, make sure it’s in a sensible sentence and easy to read.  Don’t just fill this section with keywords – it won’t work.

6 – Categories. This is a double help; its another keyword for the search engines, in addition, you can categorise your pages into – guess what – categories.  This will help visitors and search engines know what you’re all about.
Back to my motorbike shop – this would probably be along the lines of Helmets-road, Helmets – track, Helmets-Trials.  Then Winter Jackets, Gloves, Goggles etc.  The more detailed the better.

I hope this helps.