How to make a ‘dud’ website work within 30 minutes.

Tell people about your website as part of your business day- what it does and how it may help your customers.

  1. Add content that is useful to your clients – like a price list or FAQ page.
  2. Add content that may be useful to your suppliers – delivery times, directions, contacts and bank details for example.
  3. Embed your social feeds on the home page – search engines like this and it’s good to feed-in the latest information to the website.
  4. Tell people about your website and most importantly what it will provide to a visitor:  Answerphone, emails, business cards, invoices, letterhead, van, car, window, signs in-store, flyers etc.

    It’s very important to outline what the site visitor will find on your website.  Here are a few examples:

See our latest work – Latest price list – Delivery instructions -Accounts payable information – Frequently Asked Questions answered – Holiday opening times.

And lastly, all the above information is great accurate content that search engines really like.

Upholstery Restoration Company in Darlington.

A dyed in the fabric traditional business using ancient tools and skills start to capitalise on the Internet

An upholstery company who restore, reupholster and repair all types of upholstered furniture. The family business has been in business for 30 years. In recent years they have expanded into commercial work and manufacturing of specialised upholstered units for other businesses. They have always completed commercial work for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and restaurants and now this is expanding. The cor always is restoring quality soft furniture for the residential market.

The website is the shop window for what they produce. Traditionally completed works were not seen often by prospective customers, now most completed jobs are photographed and added to the website weekly. This helps customers see the quality completed jobs and showcases their work.  In the past, these examples went unseen to the customers home.


SS BJ Upholstery


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This is an offer we put together for Start-Up Loans originally. Its a built website with marketing mentor support. Based on our research, 80% of startups asked for help with marketing. This package ticks quite a few boxes to help get the business going and allows unlimited website evolution. The package includes training how to update and change a WordPress website, hosting and maintenance too.

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Mentor | Marketing Mentor

Selling your product or service in most cases is a hurdle.

To get customers you need three things and that’s it:

1    A Defined, easily described product.
– Collaterals and documents to back it up, what your product does, why it is good and how to instigate an order or make an enquiry. A special offer is always a good way to encourage contact.

2    A regular, measurable way to reach out to prospective clients
– Social media, optimised website, outbound calls, leaflet drops, post letters to targeted prospective customers.
– Go to network meetings, they do work – people buy from people, isn’t it nice to do business with people you know and like.

3    A strong delivery mechanism for your service or product.
– Do what you say you are going to do, do it well, over-deliver and make it as good as you can even if your losing money. Don’t concentrate on the money, deliver the job perfectly every time then the customers will line up outside your door.

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Speed of a website – how fast does it load, does it matter?

It matters of course as slow websites aren’t from a site visitors perspective but also Google and the other search engines rank lower for slow sites.

To keep the speed up make sure images are not too big, make them a sensible size, about 800 pals, and compress them – they don’t need to be high resolution for the Internet.

Keep navigation links simple – plain text links are preferred or small compressed images and use a video platform like YouTube to show videos rather than host them yourself.

There are tools to test your site speed that will produce a report like above and guide you how to improve website speed.