Requests for business support – But its just one question.

I work with a lot of businesses nationwide. 80% of the requests for business support are for just one support area. Here are ten real questions all asking for the same thing. What support do you require? Getting people to know about this business and the benefits that they can receive- Finding the right kind of clients – Publicising my products on a shoestring budget – Marketing, particularly an online presence are my challenges – Need to develop an e-commerce website – Finding new clients – Raising the profile of my regional business in West Yorkshire – Increase contact through the website – Promote my auction services better – Promote […]

How to write good website copy

Tip 1. Know your customers The biggest mistake people make when writing their website copy it that they write it for themselves rather than for the target audience. Get to know your audience, the language they use, the questions they will have, their needs, and why they might buy from you. If a potential customer has a need in mind when they type in their search term into Google, then they see that need reflected in your listing and then again on the web page they arrive at, they are much more likely to buy. So, when writing your website copy, write directly to your potential customers and anticipate what’s […]

It’s all changed! – again.

Paul Harper has over ten years experience in business development, Internet marketing and website design. A business mentor and adviser; Paul operates Zedcomms Business Support and Marketing company. The director of various businesses in the UK. and executive operator of some projects too. The founder of one of the countries biggest franchised web design companies and a visionary who saw the self edit website system as the way forward. Paul built a network of contentious business advisors who delivered world beating products to UK’s SMEs. Read his thoughts, marketing tips and stories to help business succeed. Marketing your product or service in a modern world. It’s all changed! – again.

Capitalise on Google AdWords.

Capitalise on Google AdWords. Why most small businesses can’t afford to advertise on Google. Hear is a way you can. Many years ago, in the 1990’s, I tendered advise all my clients to set up a Google AdWord account.  It was great value and helped build the business brand awareness. Almost free advertising, certainly great value advertising.  In those days an average bid for a word was from 4p to 25p depending on the popularity. Now the equivalent is from 90p to £5.00. Therefore only the big players and the foolish can play. But there is still a way to capitalise on – this most powerful marketing platform ever in the […]