Retargeting AdWord: What is it and how does it work?

What is Retargeting AdWord? This feature allows you to reach users who have already visited your site once before. It serves up the most appropriate ads relating to your services or products as users are browsing the web, encouraging repeat visits and purchases on your site. One example of retargeting might be if you have previously had a user visit your shoe site, and look at a pair of boots, put them in the shopping cart but not follow through with the purchase. Retargeted ads showcasing your shoes and other similar products in the range will then show as they browse the web – hours or even days after they […]

Why content on the Internet is king?

If you want a stronger content strategy then you need to look at Paid media. This article gives you a rundown of Paid media with examples and tips on how to get people talking about your brand online. Why content on the Internet is king? Useful content that web surfers read is valuable ‘real estate’, a valuable advertising platform. Readers of your page will definatly be interested in the subject. If the subject is related to your product or service the reader may buy from you. This business model is based on newspapers and magazines, blogs and forums and Google AdWord. 60% of B2C marketers are planning on increasing their […]

Mobile sites

60% of site mobile visitors say they won’t use a website if it’s not mobile site optimised. Makes sense; who wants to slide from side to site trying to figure our the site navigation on a phone. We are impatient creatures. So make it easy for you growing band of mobile visitors. 1- add a mobile site to your website. You can do if free in literally a few minutes with a provider like Duda. Be aware though Duda are not a charity. They will encourage you to upgrade based on a monthly fee to add more useful features. I recommend to only use Duda as an interim. See 2 […]

House price growth

Some media is reporting “House price growth hits double digits” as a bad thing. Concerned about overheating in the property marked burning peoples fingers. I don’t think it will overheat like it did previously because the banks are on-guard. They are much more stringent when lending money, maybe too stringent in my opinion. So it’s a yes from me; It’s good news. Homeowners will have a boosted confidence so they will buy big ticket items like cars, furniture, caravans, kitchens etc. Great news for businesses in the UK. UK property values rose by 1.2 per cent in April from the previous month, with the average property price across the country […]