Free meeting with an experienced marketing expert

We are a North East based marketing consultancy and business support agency with over 15 years SME experience.

We would like to offer a free meeting with an experienced marketing expert. We will discuss your company objectives and aspirations and review your in-place marketing to produce your free written report. We will discuss and explain our findings with you and the report is yours to keep.

The report contains easy-to-read marketing suggestions and a TO DO list of actions to take. The report is specifically written for your company based on what you want to achieve. We have supported many companies towards their marketing objectives often with little cost and sometimes at zero cost.

You may want to work with us in the future and become part of our network of successful businesses, but that is up to you! Request a meeting using the form on this page.

Meet A Mentor event for women in Newcastle and Leeds

Great to meet everyone at the Meet A Mentor event in Leeds yesterday and Newcastle on the 20th of January.

I am looking for mentees – businesses from start-up to established – in North East and Yorkshire who may benefit from a mentor.

Any UK business can use the free service, but start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses tackling new challenges tend to find the scheme most beneficial.

Business mentors will normally offer wide-ranging business experience or expertise in a particular area, such as finance, marketing or exports. They will act as your trusted confidant over a flexible period of time, although you should be clear on what you can and cannot expect from them.

Contact Paul Harper for more information.

Meet A Mentor event for women in Manchester on 24th March 2015

SFEDI, the IOEE and Government Equalities Office are working together to a run a series of very special Meet A Mentor events for women in venues throughout the UK. We would be delighted if you could join us to help in celebrating, engaging and empowering female entrepreneurs in the UK. To further recognise your contribution to this very special day all mentors and mentees attending this event will receive free Affiliate lifetime membership of IOEE worth £50.

Are you a volunteer enterprise mentor looking for a business to help? or

Are you a female business owner looking for mentoring support?

Then Meet A Mentor for Women is for you!

More information.

Challenges working with an international team

The Internet has changed our lives and the way we work. I work with a team in the UK and the ‘rest of the world’ including USA, Australia, Netherlands and my good colleague Michal.

It is ‘different’ working in different time zones with most of the communication via email and can be challenging. We take that little longer crafting emails to make sure our instructions are clear, we are careful to offer the option to question us without getting insulted or aggravated – easy done with emails- and be ready to support each other as a team.

“Another project with Paul was a perfect one.”

*Congratulations on being a wonderful client and making it a joy to work online*

Michal Soenterod, CEO. Digital Code Edits | Poland.

Thank you!