PR – Teesside School Goes Green with LED.

PDF Version: Press Release PR – Teesside School Goes Green with LED 12-12-14



Date: December 19th 2014.

Release date: For Immediate Release


1 – Teesside School Goes Green with LED.
2 – Bright Light in HemlingtonLED Lighting

Location: Middlesbrough, north-east England.

Paragraph introduction:

1 – One of the first schools to reduce its carbon footprint by installing greener lighting.
2 – Replacement Lighting Improves School Mood.


A north-east school has started installing LED lighting across the school to replace the old style fluorescent lighting.


We were looking at upgrading the original ceilings as part of the schools 5 year plan.  During pre-assessment of the work, we found that the current light fitments were obsolete.  We had not considered LED lights before, but our building contractor recommended LED lighting.

Improving the school learning environment, cost savings and reducing the carbon footprint are very important to the school, so the retro fit to LED scheme commenced.

It makes great financial sense as it means we can invest more of our money into educating our pupils.  As an Academy we have to show savings based on a fixed budget.

We are all really proud of the work that has been done in the school to reduce our impact on the environment.


It’s amazing; it’s like daylight, the light itself looks like a roof light rather than an electric light.  The light produced is a natural crisp white light, and it does not flicker. Looking down the school corridor into other classrooms highlights the difference the LED lights make.  It is unbelievable.
Already the changes made are cutting both the Co2 emissions and the annual energy bills.  The school can’t measure exact savings as yet – estimation based on usage – heading to winter – anticipates savings are £1200 PA energy savings said Jackie.


During the summer holidays we had other contactors in the school working in the LED lit area.  One contractor noticed that he experienced a brighter and happy mood whilst working under the lights.  In contrast he noticed that his mood become darker and darker as he worked in non-converted areas for the school.


The school will stage a retro fit along with the 5-year plan of improvements.


Jackie Lowe, business manager at the school said:
I was not aware of LED lighting before this project – but I have now installed LED lighting in my home too.



For additional comments or to request photos please contact:

Paul Harper


Tel: 07712079106

CONTACT SCHOOL: Mrs J Lowe School Business Manager.
Viewley Hill Academy
Andover Way
Tel: 01642 591053
Fax: 01642 575129

CONTACT CONTRACTOR: Mr Spencer Dunkley – LED Lighting | Project Manager.
249a Aclam Road
Tel: 07905272665

PHOTOGRAPHS: High definition photographs are available on request.

Twitter: Every Business Should Use

I’m forever apologising for suggesting to my client to use Twitter. 80% don’t like it, don’t understand it and one said he hates it.  – Is Twitter rubbish? My reply is “You may not love it but only a fool ignores it.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it and agree with some sentiment, it is a bit annoying. We are frustrated and annoyed by it mostly because we don’t understand it. Humans are scared of the un-known.  If you’r serious about finding those lovely customers though you should be in this network as it costs nothing but a little time.

Let me explain: I had 300 visits to my Twitter account this week. That’s 15,600 visits a year without really trying too hard. This is really LOW COST marketing. That’s why it’s so popular. And really low cost advertising is something else my clients often ask for.

Black Friday – tired of hearing about it?

Last week was the start of Black Friday in USA. I experienced this marketing onslaught when I was in Arizona last year at this time. Its amazing. The TV adverts are booming out deals on cars, kitchens and department store wide offers. We are starting to see our British version now with quite 30% off two day sales etc. As consumers get even more savvy sales will become part of our yearly routine.

Don’t be too British – have a sale or a SALE! Consumers like it you know… Call it Black Friday?



Email and Telephone Contact Tips. Communicate better with clients.

Four Email and Telephone Contact tips when contacting bulk lists of clients.
When handling bulk contact lists of clients you will use an email template.

TIP-1. Evolve the Email Template: All email templates will evolve based on the feedback you receive as you progress communicating with your clients, this is good, times change. Advice: Keep all versions of the templates. You can revert if the new one fails.

TIP-2. Play with the Send Order: Think about the process order. Send email first then call? Or the other way round which is best?

Example: I am working on a client contact campaign now. The objective is to contact all the clients within 30 days of sign up. Let them know we are here to help and support, provide contacts for the client use should they require. The contacts must be documented and evidence provided to demonstrate all clients have been contacted as best as is possible.

Initially we failed, we did this:

-Called and spoke with the client and then sent an email.

PROBLEM – over 80% of calls were not answered.
BAD RESULT – only 20% contact.

So we flipped it over! We changed the order.

We emailed the template FIRST, included a paragraph that explained we will call them, told them when and provided the number we will be calling from. We called after the email and the answers escalated to 60%

PROBLEM REDUCED – just 40% of calls were not answered.
GOOD RESULT – 60% contact.

• No extra effort – just changed the contact order.

TIP – 3. Ask and you will get. Ask during your call or email for your contact to do something; visit a link, reply with an up-date etc. And they will do it. Don’t ask – they won’t! It costs you nothing to ask. We asked in this campaign for clients to reply with an update – we said ‘An update will be great!’. The result is occasionally we do indeed get an update from the clients – which is great.

TIP – 4 . Say ‘Thank You!’ <<< Like that. It’s a positive high-five – Thank You! And we find clients interpret it as a genuine, punchy, up-beat – Thank You!

Redcar Author gets ‘jaw-dropping advance’ publishing deal.

Karen Charlton, a Redcar author runs Famelton Writing Services, a literary consultancy run by a group of successful, published writers. Their aim is to help aspiring authors and publishers. Karen also publishers here own books. Her efforts building readership and raising her profile has just paid dividends. She has an Amazon publishing deal.

Redcar Author, Karen Charlton today announced she will agree to accept the ‘jaw-dropping advance’ from Amazon Publishing. Congratulations!  Read the full story on Karens Blog.

I worked with Karen in December 2013 on behalf of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Provision of Business Support Services for the Creative Industries. We worked on SEO, website development and general marketing.