Flash on your Website

Don’t Use Flash on your Website. Twice today I have bounced out of a site – IE left as soon as I landed on the Home page. In both cases the reason was because the sites contain Flash and I’m on a iPad. Apple devices don’t read Flash. One website was the local pub, inconvenient. The other was Ford UK, they could of lost a prospective sale.  Flash is dead, no matter what people say, don’t use it in you website. More and more people are accessing sites using tablets and smart phones – they can’t read Flash. If you have a good website developer he can
provide an alternative that can provide the functionality and be seen on all devices.

PS – I’m the guy who said iPads would not catch on – Oops!

Emulate Success – How to evolve, build your business Like a Gunfighter

It’s hard to come up with new idea’s, new marketing promotions, new business systems to evolve and build your business. I always struggle but I have a solution. It’s called ’emulate success’.

It is a well-known fact amongst statisticians and psychologists that in a gunfight, the person who draws second is more likely to win the fight…

Look around you, look at what your competition are doing, do a mystery shop, look at the competitions website and look at other industry’s websites that are successful. Emulate the good parts, emulate the success and integrate with your business. Drawing second may win the fight.

Emulate success.

Make Your Website Work For You with Zedcomms

Lets make your website work for you. I will find the problem! Most websites have some problems, most can generate a better return for the owner. Let me find the problem and show you how to fix it.


Project – Reduce bounce rate and encourage more sales through the website.

ResultClient says: Looking good and our sales are climbing nicely too. We’ve set record sales on a number of occasions this month and are set to smash our monthly turnover, order numbers and profits too.

Free Website Analysis:
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