International Corporation Buys A Client’s Images

A Client Sells Images to An International Corporation.

A client, an events photographer, today sold his images to a large international corporation. It took a bit of work but this one-man-band small business did it! An amazing achievement indeed, but one that we knew was possible with a bit of hard work and a creative approach. Of course now, the next step is to capitalise on this and develop more corporate relationships…and we’re working on it.

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Million Dollar Greeting; Costs nothing

Million Dollar Greeting; Costs nothing.

How to increase sales at zero cost and build staff moral along the way.  Say ‘hello’ to people as people enter your business…

Today I have visited four business: optician, car showroom, estate agent, delicatessen.

Three of the businesses did not greet me in a way that made me welcome. One was pleasant. One managed to make me feel like a trespasser. One person who was sat at a reception desk ignored me untill I stood over him. Two ladies in the estate agent regarded me as if I was an intruder. This is totally unacceptable and they are all missing a gift of an opportunity.

If you are a business owner/manager, a welcome regime and script should be instigated right now.  I predict a 15% increase in sales if you implement. Add data capture and customer care follow up and your a big time winner. Not convinced? Visit any mainstream businesses in America.

Amazing Tip How To Get More Business….

Just like the amazing tip how to lose weight: eat less, do more. How To Get More Business: Contact more, propose more. You will lose weight, you will get orders.

It’s the getting started and the set up of systems that is the hard part. And keeping yourself focused.

We are in the process of setting up a sales process for a training company and today we have seen, for the first time, an operator using the system. We have proposed three prospective clients this morning, before lunch. Historically we proposed four per month – yes I said a month.

… I love it when it works.

First Christmas Related Email Received Today!

Marketing Automation

First Christmas Related Email Received Today! Surely its too early? Well actually no. All businesses can capitalise on Christmas, not just turkey farmers. If your product is NOT Christmas related at least make up a good digital Christmas Card and prepare your client database to send nearer the time. First week of December is the best time to send – be the first.

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Explanation Video in websites increases effectiveness

Explanation Video

Explanation Video in e-shots increases effectiveness by a factor of x 20!

Putting video on your home page increases conversions by 24%.

70% of Executives are more likely to view a video than read text.

Contact me to explore how online video and web tv can tranform your marketing performance.

Here is an example of an Explanation Video:


I offer a cost effective service from concept, scripting, filming, editing, presentation and marketing communications.

You will find that a video is both effective and affordable.