Low cost promotion – Dating Sites

low cost promotion

Low cost promotion – Dating Sites. In the old days Google AdWord were a low cost Low Cost business marketing option. For a few pennies your advert showed and could be clicked. Costs have increased 25 fold over the years. So I was pleased to discover at a meeting today this was mentioned, evidently you can get good prices, a fraction of AdWord, on Dating Sites. As long as your product fits the demographic it’s a good option, worth exploring.

Explanation Videos – Zed Communications Ltd

Explanation Videos

All the rage in America. Explanation videos are videos that explains a process, product or any message you want to deliver. Selling products always includes an ‘explanation’. Our American cousins use engaging short videos (not a talking head -Snooze!) to explain something on the website. A sales person who will fire up on request. Here is an example of explanation video we designed. www.reVKoo.com


Advertising: What is the best way to advertise online

Obviously online advertising is big news but what is the best way to advertise online? There are many ways, for example, Google AdWords. GA is simple to set up but costly if not managed sensibly (I had a client who spent £175 while he slept on a badly set up AdWord campaign). A great online advertising I have been working on this week is to buddy up with a target website. Its low cost and easy to set up with a little networking. Good targeted advertising can be agreed for a period of time for a few hundred pounds or less. TIP: Find a respected website that your target market will look at. Approach webmaster. Do a deal on a standard banner. Have the banner made professionally. Track click through. If it works re book.

I predict a new way to exchange contacts

I met with a board of ‘geeks’ last week and noticed a change in contact communications. When I asked to share contacts the ‘geeks’ only gave their ‘tweeters’. IE their ID on Twitter. Makes sense though. It’s easy to remember and all additional contacts can be had from the Twitter account. Also you can start communications through Twitter. The way forward I predict. (they don’t mind been called geeks, indeed they refer to themselves this way).