QR Codes are heavily used Business to Business in USA

QR Codes for contacts |  Zed CommunicationsQR Codes are heavily used Business to Business in USA. And they are so easy to make. The simplest way is to use your smart phone to download an App. The App will have an option to add or make a QR Code. Just follow the wizard and share with your contacts using Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc. Alternatively search for QR Code maker on-line.

We suggest this great free time saving tool to all our clients. And you also look a little bit ‘cool’.


Here’s ours Point Up

London Accommodation

Welcome London Accommodation

It’s been fascinating talking with London Accommodation these last few weeks. They offer thousands of apartments in London (clue in the name) with full turnkey service from your milk in the fridge to the car to pick you up in the morning. A great service for a fast life in London and so much better than a hotel.

We at Zed Comms are working to help get the message out to the target clients.

ASA (Amateur Swimming Association)

Working with ASA

Working with ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Managers

Working with ASA is going to be an exciting prospect for us. Next month we are presenting a sales presentation to 25 leisure facility managers for the Amateur Swimming Association). They are the first sport governing body of swimming to be established in the world and remains the English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water swimming, and synchronised swimming. (Source: Wikipedia)

We’re really excited and we hope to get the honor of working with them in the near future. Wish us luck!