Did you know that Google cant keep up?

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Did you know that Google cant keep up? We are blissfully unaware that the search results we see on Google are actually old, from a few weeks old to a few days. Don’t get me wrong Google technologies in search are great and have evolved the Internet to an easy to use tool for the world to use. But they cannot keep up. We are working with a review site this year. The site publishes regular reviews and the ‘Newest’ reviews go on the home page till the next one. Problem is; Google are to cache the home page with the newest review but minutes later the home page is changed by the next review. This puts Google’s search results out of date. So for fast-moving sites like this Google can’t keep up. We are working on this problem for our client.

Our prediction: – Google will eventually speed up to produce more up to date Search Engine Results.

PS – If you site is changed say once per week, once per month – no problem.

See the review site http://reVKoo.com

What products or services do you sell?

Our clients sell all sorts of products. One client simply provides a finding service. Overall ALL products and ALL services need selling. Selling does not mean calling people to ‘sell’ etc. It’s a simple process of setting up your offering, a system to process it and a feed of interested people. Getting interested people is the hardest part. We abandoned press advertising years ago, radio is still good with a link to he Internet. The answer to ALL is; the Internet.

Our finding service client had a problem though: they were taking too much time on the process part of their business. They receive a lot of interest, they were spending a lot of time with the prospect that often came to nothing.

So we set up a simplified process that basically threw replies back to the enquiries with option links to the website. Then we worked to set up a strict standardised order process. It took a while for the system to ‘bed in’ but it has started working. Today we processed an order that we threw into the system. The client paid the finders fee. Confirmation sent, cash banked and we move on.

Can we look at your systems? Free for us to look. Contact us for a chat.

Time Tells When It Works

Time TellsTime Tells When A Web Redesign Works

Only time tells whether a redesigned site is a success or not. But a redesign should be based on something constructive, not just for the sake of refreshing the look and feel of it. Last year we worked with a client in Australia. We analysed their site and reported back with an SCR (Site-Check-Report) that suggested changes to increase sales. A Site-Check-Report is one of our tools that we provide to clients to help them improve specific areas of their website and this gives them a blueprint on how to redesign their site and increase business and conversion. Our clients’ IT team instigated the changes. Now some months later our client says: “Yep, all is going well on our side. New website design has been working really well (thanks for your input on this) and sales are growing significantly.

Great when it works.

Sports Statistics Website

Sports Statistics Website

Working with a Sports Statistics Website

We are glad to announce that Zed Comms are working this month with Sports Statistics Website who provides football statistics to armature football players in the UK. This company have been established for over ten years providing a free service. Zed Comms and our client are working to seek sports equipment suppliers to promote to the opt in database. Our client communicates 60,000 times per month to male over 18 football players.

A fantastic marketing opportunity – contact us if you would like more information.