Plasterer in Darlington

Fantastic Dan

Meet Dan the plastering specialist

We are working with a fantastic plastering specialist in Darlington. Meet Dan Robertson

Dan and his team have provided general and specialised plastering services in and around Darlington for over fifteen years. Indeed his trade has taken him all over the UK, London – of course, out in the Dales to re-plaster a barn conversion and to office blocks in Newcastle.

Fantastic Dan

Whats special about Dan and why is he ‘Fantastic’ ? Dan is the leader of the team, this allows to complete any job from a leaking tap to a home extension with bi-fold doors.

On top of that Dan actually works within the team as the project manager and he gets his hands dirty, as a time served plasterer and now a plastering specialist, Dan will be working on the project.

And The Team

The team are all fully qualified and time-served plasterers, builders, bricklayers, electricians and joiners – all joined up to work on any project to offer a prompt and efficient service across North/North East and Yorkshire.

Your first point of contact is of course – Fantastic Dan!

Now Easier To Find

Dan just joined Twitter and with a fresh website its easy to reach-out to Dan to see if he and his team can help you  for full and comprehensive Property Services and Building Work by qualified builders, plumbers, electricians and building specialists, not forgetting the plastering specialist.


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Perfect automatic marketing tool for business

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Autopilot Marketing With World Class Support – really; does this exist?

After seven years of looking, I am pleased to announce the best marketing tool I have experienced is perfectly aligned for UK businesses.

Inbound Marketing

I have looked at the main players in inbound marketing software like Hubspot and
Hatchbuck. Configured WordPress with CRM and MailChimp. They were all pretty good but lacked one very important part,  something I wanted for my clients; lead generation.

Will it ‘Fit’ Your Business

It does not fit every business, ideally suited to retailers, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, and most businesses with a shopping cart. This SaaS keeps customers data up to date, emails, sends push, texts and emails on ‘Autopilot’. Also it has a business App included that customers can use and the business owner can use to promote to the client base.

Getting pretty amazing

Also included is QR codes to help generate new signups online, on card and posters.  And finally this product comes with NO set up fees and face to face support from a business specialist.

Slightly Bad News

The slightly ‘bad news’ is that it won’t really work for ALL businesses – but as the software evolves it may be able to adapt to some more types of business.

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Website Mobile Design

Website Mobile Design to capture a wider range of customers

People are shifting so quickly to mobile devices these days therefore Website Mobile Design is especially relevant.  There are a lot of websites having to consider what the website looks like on a mobile device and how does it operate on a mobile device because they are losing site visitors.

56 percent of traffic to leading consumer websites came from mobile devices. Websites built for desktop or laptops may not be suitable or optimised for the mobile for several different reasons:

  • Smaller size & dimension of screens; requirement to adjust as screen rotates.
  • Variance of screen sizes across different devices (eg old mobiles to iPad Pro).
  • Different workflow for touch input vs keyboard/laptop.
  • Increased likelihood of lost/poor network connectivity.
  • Consideration of whether to create bespoke app or to just redesign website to be responsive.

Add a responsive Website Mobile Design to an existing website is especially relevant now.

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