Website QA Testing Services

Maximise Website Potential

Website QA Testing Services.

We offer a range of services in the Website QA/Testing Services area offered as a standalone-service or alongside work being done; website build, revisions SEO etc.

It is important to know your website is working correctly and to a maximin potential. Website QA/Testing Services will report any area’s for work, edit or development to ensure your website is operating at its best consequently provides a better visitor experience.

Website QA Testing Service

  • Testing As A Service – testing new work delivered incrementally as added by a separate development team.
  • Website review and test plan creation.
  • Work through a site and develop a test plan for a customer for future regression.
  • Automation services.
  • Create a suite of regression tests based on customer test plans.
  • Run and maintain automated tests with reports for customer.
  • Set up automated tests across various mobile devices to run using third-party services like Applitools
    Coverage testing – run through customer site on different devices to look for issues across devices / Operating Systems / browsers.

Most noteworthy is; when your website is in good order it attracts more visitors.

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Attract new customers. A marketing service for your business.

A marketing service for your business.

If you sell to the public, there is a very good chance that many of your customers and prospective customers are active and buying online. Your business online offer is a low-cost way to reach your customer base. Set up correctly your website will attract prospective customers – BUT – a good 80% of business websites do not work as well as they should.

Zedcomms set up and build your Internet status to attract just the customers you want for a simple monthly fee. Our services are available on a pay as you go and results are guaranteed.

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Marketing a brand new business, Marketing an established business

Marketing business,  Marketing established business

A big part of any business is marketing it.  Letting people know you are in-business to provide your products and/or services.

New customers and selling to established customers can take some hard work and can be frustrating when it doesn’t work.  With new media it can be really inexpensive and very powerful.  To hook-up with social media you have to be efficient.  Planning is the key to success.

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For a brand new business

For a brand new business your first place to be is the Internet, a Facebook business page will do for starters.  Add a website when your going, keep it simple and build on the site as you progress.  Do not rely on a platform site like Yell, Wix or WebsiteBuilder, simply because they only allow you limited edits and often restricted Search Engine Optimisation.  Spend literally a few Pounds and runs some server space and install something like WordPress.   An essential addition is Google Business.  Free to set up and powerful.

Looking forward.  Capture data; every contact with a customer or a prospective customer is really good to keep.  Some websites will save this data from contact forms on the website and can be exported into a CRM or just a spreadsheet to allow you to reach-out in the future.  MailChimp is great for this and allows recipiants to unsubscribe with no action required from you.

For an established business

Your not alone when your marketing and promotion and lead generation is a little messy.  It organically grew with the business.  If you have time try to simplify your processes to find new customers and revise the ones that are working.  Your Facebook page for example; check it is showing the correct contacts and business message, website too. Spend a bit of cash to have some fresh images and graphics added to your site and blog when you have time.  SEO is massive and one of the best ways to attract customers.  Hire someone in to revise it for you as the ‘rules’ change often.

Here are our 7 golden marketing rules for all businesses

Search optimise the website.

Have a nice email signature with a link to PART of your site.

Capture customers data and ‘reach-out’ to them.

Be active; update your site and publish on social media.

Embed Twitter feed on your home page.

Set up a Google Business page.

Put a video on your site.


Hope this is of use!

Recruitment website.

New Recruitment website.

Kind and efficient – thats how the new London based recruitment company like to portray themselves.

Its always great to see new peole enter the world of running their own business.

This simple website and blog platform is the platform to build your business on and around. Its not just a pretty face and sometimes the ‘face’ of the website isn’t so pretty to all – it doesn’t have to be. Its about good quality content, ease of reach and comply to the Google algorithms etc. Our offer is not a one fix trick – the website must evolve and grow-up with the company. So start plain and simple and grow… Zedcomms offer a monthly plan to achieve what is needed to grow and market your business. Ask us.

Recruitment website.


Automation is the new Internet marketing King



As a user, I’m sure you’ve noticed some really nice emails from big websites like eBay and Amazon that send you an email after an order or even just visited the site.  These emails are automated. The text was written once and sent to you based on actions.  Automation becomes really confusing to set up and red-faced embarrassing when it goes wrong.  So start simple say with Post Automation – simple a few more emails added to your ‘Thanks for your order’ email.

Why post-purchase automation is beneficial

As we’ve emphasized a few times previously, the “your order has shipped” email shouldn’t be the last time a customer hears from you. All the excitement that’s built up over finding a product that fits their needs simply goes to waste if the communication is ended there.

Post-purchase emails keep the dialogue going. They make your customers feel like they matter — like there’s a real human they can talk to if they have feedback, questions, or a problem to sort out. They can eliminate the feeling of “you’re just another customer” and change it into something akin to “you’re a friend of our business, and we appreciate you.”

Combined with automation, these emails don’t just boost the happiness and satisfaction of your customers — they also save you a (potentially immense) amount of time. Because you can set up messages well in advance, you can create the content just once and watch it do the work for you forever.

Thanks to WooThemes for this content.

An Inbound Marketing System is a bigger automation system that is going to rule marketing campaigns soon – more to come about the Inbound Marketing System.

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