Get up to £2800 towards your business improvement project.

Business Grant. Up to £2800 funding for business improvements. North East England.

NBSL Business Grant

Source: Business Grant. Get up to £2800 towards your business improvement project. | Paul Harper | LinkedIn

Projects covered by North East business funding are shown below, but they must cost between £3,000 and £8,000 and will attract up to 35% funding (a maximum grant of £2800). Listed below are the main types of project that NBSL can fund – if you’ve got a project in mind that’s not on the list, get in touch and we’ll try to help.

Business growth planning
Strategy Development
Change Management
Business Expansion Planning
Product development / diversification
Developing Quality Management Systems
Process improvement systems
Financial restructuring
Marketing planning
Web design / development
Accessing new markets
Succession planning
HR Strategy planning and development
Design costs for marketing

Please note it was announced in October that three proposals will be required.

Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition – enter here:

We are looking for some photos to use on our website to reflect the North East of England. Photographers chance to show your work, you will be credited and included in social media chat. This is what we are looking for; Photos of the North East from York to Berwick including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Teesside, Richmond, Thirsk and Northallerton – and ALL between. Photos of views and towns in our region, close ups of details for example a Georgian door in Richmond, landscapes of housing estates in Newcastle or street views.
Please submit your photos in any format and any size (but internet ready will be appreciated)  to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION.


If used we will credit you at publication on our site. You of course retain FULL copyright and may get some good exposure. The overall winner as ‘best photo North East’ will be announced to all entries with a press realease and link to your site.  Thank you!


Zedcomms content team. Mail photos to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION



Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156

Source: Durham Photographic Society | Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156

Small business marketing support services.

Small business marketing support services.

Services include;

Small Business support, business mentoring, Internet marketing, website design.

We support your business!

Zedcomms provide sales, marketing and mentor services to businesses in the North East, nationally and world-wide.
Business support and development with on-going mentor support. Our clients include: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE), Digital City and SME business clients direct.

Our business projects are bespoke to business requirements.

Experienced in producing sales and marketing services in the following business sectors:
Our background and experience include; Internet marketing, business-to-business sales, retail sales, sales team set up and CRM development, customer care, mailing list building and the consultative sales training. Zedcomms focus is how to increase company profile exposure to achieve sales for business using the tools available to us now with the experience, skills and development abilities we possess.

Time is our most valuable asset and procrastination is the thief of time.

Ask a question:

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Celebrating supporting 200 businesses in 2015!

Mentor and Support services

We are proud to announce that we have reached the 200 mark of businesses supported this year in 2015.

Businesses of any size; pre-startup, startup, established and corporate can contact us directly to seek direction and advice.  We work with business hubs, networks and referral organisations too who can refer business to us.

The majority of our clients find us on the Internet and of course the Internet is a major aspect of any business. Our marketing internet intelligence goes back to the olden days of 1999. We were one of the first organisations to adopt ‘CMS’ – unheard of when we first rolled it out in 1999.  We call the website the cornerstone of marketing and promotion  and we stick to this. Having a cornerstone that is in good shape, strong and reliable starts to return on investment from launch day.

Mentoring is a powerful addition to any business. Its amazing to see results from a mentor relationship. Just been able to talk about your business to an ‘active listener’ is helpful and someone to share ideas and hurdles with is a great asset.

To find out more about our mentor and support services please contact us here and we’ll reply with a single page information sheet.


SERP’s Search Engine Results Pages

SS Marketing agency Middlesbrough

Reaching-Out on LinkedIn

We are ‘reaching-out’ and connecting on LinkedIn this month and as we run up to the year end. We are talking about Search Engine Results Pages and how businesses show in the Search Engine Results Pages, how to optimise a page on your site and offering a free marketing evaluation.

As social media seems to be getting all the attention these days

I’ve notice a lot of clients haven’t completed the basic SEO – for example:

Entered META information to the website.
Listed with Google local.
Set up a site map.
Set target search phrases.
Optimised pages individually.

SS Marketing agency Middlesbrough SERP

We are offering a free service to check a business website to see if it is optimised for regular old boring search – like Google.

Lets say you are a pet grooming business in Salford.

When someone searched ‘pet groomer in Salford’ – you want to be in the SERP’s Search Engine Results Pages. Search for your company as a client would – how do you show?

We suggest you check how you show in Search Engine Results Pages. Decide what you want to show for, ask your clients what THEY would search for and then optimise your site based on the ‘Target’ Search Engine Results Pages.

Try our free marketing evaluation and website review.

It includes a bullet-list ‘how to’ boost your internet search ranking.

To request, please click this URL
Totally free with my compliments and no obligation!

A recent client said of my support; ’Life Changing’.

My company, Zedcomms, is a responsive professional business support and marketing company with more than ten years of experience working with businesses nationwide and nationally, building business with an eye on the bottom line. We combine the latest online tools available with the experience and the development abilities we have accumulated to achieve great sales results for our clients.

Just reply here to request a telephone chat or face to face meeting or just ask a question…

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SS Marketing agency Middlesbrough