Automation is the new Internet marketing King


As a user, I’m sure you’ve noticed some really nice emails from big websites like eBay and Amazon that send you an email after an order or even just visited the site.  These emails are automated. The text was written once and sent to you based on actions.  Automation becomes really confusing to set up and red-faced embarrassing when it goes wrong.  So start simple say with Post Automation – simple a few more emails added to your ‘Thanks for your order’ email.

Why post-purchase automation is beneficial

As we’ve emphasized a few times previously, the “your order has shipped” email shouldn’t be the last time a customer hears from you. All the excitement that’s built up over finding a product that fits their needs simply goes to waste if the communication is ended there.

Post-purchase emails keep the dialogue going. They make your customers feel like they matter — like there’s a real human they can talk to if they have feedback, questions, or a problem to sort out. They can eliminate the feeling of “you’re just another customer” and change it into something akin to “you’re a friend of our business, and we appreciate you.”

Combined with automation, these emails don’t just boost the happiness and satisfaction of your customers — they also save you a (potentially immense) amount of time. Because you can set up messages well in advance, you can create the content just once and watch it do the work for you forever.

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An Inbound Marketing System is a bigger automation system that is going to rule marketing campaigns soon – more to come about the Inbound Marketing System.

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