A Unique And Fresh Way To Market Your Company

Pull marketing

Pull Marketing is a way to attract that ‘perfect customer’ to you.

Think about the perfect customer, age, interests, location, spend power etc. I can attract that customer to your door.

Internet or traditional methods both work but the Internet is the fastest and most cost-effective.  You need to be where your target customers are.  This can be adverts in magazines and newspapers they read or online forums they visit and subscribe to.  Another is search; what would your customer search in Google?  Reflect on your website, optimised will attract your perfect customer located in your area with your required budget.  It takes time and a little technological know-how but worth it and you can build from there.  Keep it going and always be active.

A Marketing Historical Story

Kellogs in the 1950s was a household name – why market a brand everyone knows?  so they cut the marketing budget. The customers quickly forgot and sales plummeted.

Our Marketing Plan

Devise the marketing message.
Deliver a clear marketing message.
Ensure the target market will see your marketing message.
Encourage contact – call to action.

Our Marketing Ethos

Be memorable.
Be different.
Be creative.
Include a ‘big fat claim’. (Don’t be shy about how good you are).

SEO And How To Find Opportunities


Google wants you to pay them to advertise so they are reducing clicks to your website.

To counter this we need to ensure the SEO is in top order, you have activity on the social platforms, you build reviews and keep your website up to date and active.  Zero clicks are good quality searches that in the past were sent to our websites.  Google has responded to *user demands by producing answers to common questions thus no longer requiring a ‘click’.  Nearly half of all searches are answered this way.

Google is as powerful as the ocean and like the ocean, it is free to use.

This is an excerpt from an article by Statcounter:

Searches resulting in zero clicks will continue to increase and the volume of organic traffic Google sends to our websites will continue to decrease. This makes SEO more important. To quote Rand Fishkin again, we must “leverage every scrap of traffic Google (and others) send us.” This means finding opportunities within organic results and SERP features to optimize and encourage clicks to our websites.

*Google only cares about one person – the user.  If the user is getting what they want quickly and acurately they will continue to use the platform.  More users make more advertising revenue.

In conclusion

It’s not all bad news, its changing.  Fantastic opportunities are on the Internet and they are getting better but you will have to start to consider paid for advertising in the future. For now, it is just a matter of spending more time, maybe get some help from a professional organisation, to optimise your company online.

We offer a free report to start the marketing optimisation process, read more here.

How To Make A ‘Dud’ Website Work In 30 Minutes.

Tell people about your website as part of your business day- what it does and how it may help your customers.

  1. Add content that is useful to your clients – like a price list or FAQ page.
  2. Add content that may be useful to your suppliers – delivery times, directions, contacts and bank details for example.
  3. Embed your social feeds on the home page – search engines like this and it’s good to feed-in the latest information to the website.
  4. Tell people about your website and most importantly what it will provide to a visitor:  Answerphone, emails, business cards, invoices, letterhead, van, car, window, signs in-store, flyers etc.

    It’s very important to outline what the site visitor will find on your website.  Here are a few examples:

See our latest work – Latest price list – Delivery instructions -Accounts payable information – Frequently Asked Questions answered – Holiday opening times.

And lastly, all the above information is great accurate content that search engines really like.

Upholstery Restoration Company in Darlington.

A dyed in the fabric traditional business using ancient tools and skills start to capitalise on the Internet

An upholstery company who restore, reupholster and repair all types of upholstered furniture. The family business has been in business for 30 years. In recent years they have expanded into commercial work and manufacturing of specialised upholstered units for other businesses. They have always completed commercial work for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and restaurants and now this is expanding. The core business is restoring quality soft furniture for the residential market.

The website is the shop window for what they produce. In the past completed works were not seen by prospective customers, now most completed jobs are photographed and added to the website weekly. This helps prospective customers see the quality completed jobs to showcases their work to the world.  In the past, these examples left unseen to the customers home.


SS BJ Upholstery