Paul Harper has over ten years experience in business development, Internet marketing, and website design. A business mentor and adviser Paul operates Zedcomms Business Support and Marketing company. The director of various businesses in the UK and executive operator of business projects too. The founder of one of the countries biggest franchised website design companies and a visionary who saw the self-edit website system as the way forward back in the 1990s. Paul built a network of conscientious business advisors who delivered world-beating products to UK SMEs.
Read his thoughts, marketing tips, and stories to help a business succeed. Marketing your product or service in a modern world. It’s all changed! — again.


Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine Results Page

Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine. Part of your Internet marketing should be to achieve top ranking in Google. In the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). May ways to do it: You can ‘Pay Per Click’ Google AdWords, add your site to ‘Google Local’ business directory. This gives you a business listing that appears locally. For a chance to be listed near the top of a search page on Google you have to optimise your website for organic searches. It had become more complex to achieve a high ranking in Google organic search result. Google has evolved and tightened up its algorithms making it harder to achieve a placement […]

How to Communicate More Effectively with Clients

Four tips when contacting bulk lists of clients and how to explore the best coverage. ‘How to Communicate More Effectively with Clients’ when handling bulk contact lists including email and phone contacts of clients you will use an email template. TIP-1. Evolve the Email Template: All email templates will evolve based on the feedback you receive as you progress communicating with your clients, this is good, times change. Advice: Keep all versions of the templates. You can revert if the new one fails. TIP-2. Play with the Send Order: Think about the process order. Send email first then call? Or the other way round which is best? Example: I am […]

Essential Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

What are the key considerations that SMEs need to think about when it comes to lead generation? We all need new business, indeed 80% of my clients ask how to get in contact with new prospects. In a perfect world, it goes without saying that referrals and repeat business are the lifeblood for SMEs. But I suppose its fair to say that very few of us can totally relax and assume that that fresh inquiries will just come through our door and do the job. So as a consequence of that, most new businesses need to develop some kind of strategy for new business and also for developing a pipeline […]

Free meeting with an experienced marketing expert

We are a North East based marketing consultancy and business support agency with over 15 years SME experience. We would like to offer a free meeting with an experienced marketing expert. We will discuss your company objectives and aspirations and review your in-place marketing to produce your free written report. We will discuss and explain our findings with you and the report is yours to keep. The report contains easy-to-read marketing suggestions and a TO DO list of actions to take. The report is specifically written for your company based on what you want to achieve. We have supported many companies towards their marketing objectives often with little cost and […]