Capitalise on Google AdWords.

Capitalise on Google AdWords. Why most small businesses can’t afford to advertise on Google.

Hear is a way you can.

Many years ago, in the 1990’s, I tendered advise all my clients to set up a Google AdWord account.  It was great value and helped build the business brand awareness. Almost free advertising, certainly great value advertising.  In those days an average bid for a word was from 4p to 25p depending on the popularity. Now the equivalent is from 90p to £5.00. Therefore only the big players and the foolish can play.

But there is still a way to capitalise on – this most powerful marketing platform ever in the history of the written word – and that is to still set up an AdWord account BUT select the settings option to NOT show on Google search it-self. Select Search Network only.

Search Networks Only shows your adverts on partner websites only. Keep the cost down and still gives you the benefit of business brand awareness and the occasional click through.

Also select a limited targeted locations first where you want to market and keep your click bid and daily budget low. You can turn it up as soon as you hit a marketing system.

Google AdWords are extremely complex therefore do tread carefully if you are new to this marketing method.

What we do

Marketing advisor to include innovative marketing promotion for business including support, websites design and flow structure to deliver your message to the target market.

Business support provider with a wide range of experience, sensitive to your needs we will work with you to devise processes and a strategic plan to achieve your objectives.

Marketing agency; you have a product that you want to sell? We have a world wide reach of technical and marketing experts to help contribute to you goals. We have worked with businesses in the UK, Australia, Florida, Ireland and Italy. The promotion of your business is our business.

Message: Does your website deliver your message?

Delivering your message

All businesses have a ‘message’. What you offer your clients. What’s good about your business, why your special etc.

I have spent the last few days editing and re-designing a business website to deliver the message.

What is your message? Does your website deliver- show visitors- your message?

* see elevator pitch on this site also.

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What is bounce rate and is it important?

I’m often asked What is bounce rate and is it important?

Your bounce rate shows how many people leave your site without visiting any other pages on your site.

It is important; a high percentage bounce rate indicates visitors are not pulled into the site. A 50% and less bounce rate is OK. Over 50% and something is wrong.

There are some exceptions though. A website that delivers it’s information on the landing page and contains a contact form or link away to a target page will be expected to have a high bounce rate. A review or weather site for example will attract visitors, deliver the info then the visitor leaves to produce a high bounce rate.

Review website

Weather website

Yes bounce rate is important, it’s a quick guide to show the website is doing its job.

How to boost your business website

How to boost your business website? List the domain name everywhere; invoices, vans, your car, answerphone, your hat etc.

Optimise your website based on your top three preferred search phrases, the content will follow.

Make sure your site is content text rich.

Always include a call to action.

Make it easy to contact you.

Hook up to social media.

Get involved with business specific forums.

List on Google Local.

List on

Be big headed – tell your readers what you did.

Include testimonials.

Make sure your website is fresh and up-to-date.

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