Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Potential customers will be searching for your products and services at any time. If they don’t find their way to your website, you could be deferring them to a competitor.  Why wouldn’t you optimise your business website?

Imagine if your website could rank above your competitors’, using the kind of search terms that turn your visitor traffic into revenue.  When Search Engine Optimisation done well, search engine optimisation can give search engines exactly what they need to know your story and to put your website in a prime position on Search Engine Results Pages.

The key is understanding what search engines and surrounding social media need ‐ and since 90% of all searches in the UK are via Google, this pretty much means understanding Google.

We offer a free Search Engine Optimisation analysis and report on your business.  Contact us for a chat.  And we have a great range of competitive service to work with.

Sometimes just called SEO.  Search Engine Optimisation is a way to ensure search engines know what your company offer.

Working With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

I almost pre-ordered a car I saw online and will buy my next car online.

Mercedes have an online showroom, traditional showrooms will diminish I predict.  Whatever business you are in you need to start thinking about your Digital Marketing and online presence.

My Tips To Make Digital Marketing Work

  1. Be on social media – be on all the platforms, share your great story and point back to your ‘online-showroom.  It is
  2. Be active – weekly or daily engage and share online.
  3. Choose which platform is best for you.
  4. Build links to your website – selected though with surrounding concise descriptive text.
  5. Talk about your website, online-showroom, online shop window or whatever you call it.  Your website is your cornerstone, know what’s on it and how it works to share with your customers.
  6. Test your Digital Marketing – does your contact form work correctly, does everyone involved get a copy email, does the website navigate nicely and do you look good on social media?


I know a lot of social media can be inane.  But people really like its fast and free, small bitesize information that people can take or leave.  One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.  Your Digital Marketing should include social media, it is free to access and plenty of people, possibly your customers, are on it.

I saw an image today on social media of a pile of chips with two eggs on top, stood behind was a cool pint of Guinness.  Once clicked I could have bought a case of Guinness.

Tips To Make Digital Marketing Work

Update A Word Press Website


How To Maintain And Update A Word Press Website

Monthly Update.  Most of us do not look at the company website often enough.  You should at least login to your Word Press website monthly and update the plugins and themes.  Its a matter of just clicking where suggested.  Don’t select all and bulk update as this tends to throw most servers and you can lose your site.

So monthly Update.  Login, click the plugins and themes that show they need an update and you will be good.

Why Do This?

Bad people will take advantage of a security fault with an old version of a plugin or theme.  It’s easy for them; once a known security issue is known they can generate a list of all WP websites using it, go to the website and they are in.  They tend to take control of your website to send SPAM emails or publish illegal or offensive content – all on your server.   Not good.  So good housekeeping as suggested above will save you some headaches.

Another reason to keep your website update is that Google (the master of the search universe) do like healthy, up to date fast, genuine websites.

Update A Word Press Website And Why


Why Do Listings Matter?

Busy Street London

What Are Listings And Why Do They Matter? – Will my listings work?

The effectiveness of a business listing depends on the information’s presence and accuracy. Listings are available through a variety of sources, including search engines, online directories and maps, or social sites. When it comes to listings presence, more is definitely better. Availability on as many sources as possible will create multiple avenues for consumers to find your business. But (and this is a big but), presence only pays off if the listings are accurate. Listings are accurate if the information is correct and consistent across all potential sources. Seems easy enough, right?

If a business’s listing is incorrect or missing, the majority of consumers will feel less confident about the brand, likely leading them to choose a competitor’s product or service. The availability of accurate listings ensures customers are actually able to find brick and mortar locations while they’re open for business. This means the money in the business owner’s pocket and, just as importantly, it means the business can be reviewed.

An ample review pipeline is an essential tool for developing a business’ online reputation and fostering brand loyalty. Reviews allow customers to communicate their experience with a business to potential buyers, but if consumers can’t find a business listed online, their opinion of it won’t be well-informed. Accurate listings create the opportunity for transparency between businesses and consumers in the form of reviews, and the availability of this information will help increase a business’s visibility.  All great for search engines.

Consistent, accurate listings and the generation of reviews will directly benefit a business’s visibility by boosting its ranking in local search engine results. Search engine optimisation is a complex tool, so why not take advantage of it by simply ensuring your business is listed accurately!  Increased visibility means more customers, and what business owner doesn’t want that?

What Are Listings And Why Do They Matter?