Strong Google search can positively change your business

How a strong Google search for a business service can positively  change your business and get a new van?

We re-published a re-upholstery company website and optimised the website with a Google listing. A small job, very simple, low cost but well executed, read why…

The customer very quickly advised us that more enquiries were coming through – good.

They got a new large contract from a contact through the site – great.

They are the top result when searching for re-upholstery in the (town name) in Google – super.

And now they are buying a new van based on the increased business levels – isn’t that just lovely!

Client says:

We’ve been quite busy thanks to web site. Getting a brand new van on Monday, I’m excited. Love vans hate cars…..

BJ Upholstery in Darlington | Visit site

Local low cost web design franchise

Local low cost web design franchise. ‘Thumbs Up’ is a website design franchise ideal for the work at home business opportunity seeker. Simply be active on forums and with your local business community to offer very low cost web site design options. The powerful USP’s are; low cost website design from £75, search engine optimisation from £10 and fully scalable platform (which means a business can start with a basic site and grow to to anything they want). Perfect for the start-up or side business.

You can make up to 100% profit with a residual income potential from each client. You can sell any type of website as required , no limits , no restrictions.

Most of your clients will be small businesses local to you who will benefit from your local support, backed up with an expert experienced team.

‘Thumbs Up specialise is straight forward business websites at a low cost.

For more information and a demonstration please contact us.

Website Design Franchise and Business Opportunity

!FRESH! Approach Website Design Franchise and Business Opportunity offer to set up individuals to start a website design business.  !FRESH! Approach Business Associates can offer a series of  Internet marketing services, website design and unique marketing platforms to businesses. The Website Design Franchise is based on the following:

!FRESH! Approach Website Design service at unbeatable prices. Any size, any feature any market website design is available.

Business Opportunity to offer all types of website design and all types of Internet marketing products. Any amount of traffic and contacts for any client.

As a !FRESH! Approach Business Associate you are part of an experienced and respected market leading organisation.

Website editing training. World class training on how to edit a website and maximize its performance.

Website team and project management system training. The system allow you to watch the project progress and communicate with your team.

Access to a full time technical partner who works with you on each project.

Technical partner.

Business mentor support.

For more information on the Website Design Franchise and Business Opportunity please contact us.

Google search tips and update

Google search tips and update.

For ‘ranking’ on Google, the most important thing you should be looking at is your content. Content is king! I often find clients sites lacking in text content; little or no descriptive text content on the pages. The addition of content rich content text can turn around a website ranking.

The second thing to keep in mind, is that you should be creating high quality content for your target audience. That said, you need to be very aware of the recent Hummingbird update (Tweeted today) and what that could mean to your website.

That means linking from relevant external sources, building relationships and authority on social media and relevant sites is important. This has always been the case. Google + is fighting for market share and I must say I tend to concentrate on Twitter and Facebook. To get in with Google it’s now useful to sign up and use Google +. Another job to do.

If you have a blog, post regularly and frequently and try to focus each on answering a specific question and as thoroughly as possible – remembering relevant, quality links and optimised images.

Overall Hummingbird is simply a better way for Google to provide ‘relevant’ search results.

Do this: update your site often with good quality text content, build relevant links, optimise pages and images.

WordPress course: Learn WordPress in a day

Our introduction wordpress course will give you the knowledge and tools to create, manage and run a great WordPress website.

WordPress course Outline:

How to set up WordPress

Introduction to WordPress

How to set up a WordPress website.

How to publish posts, pages, images and video
Formatting your posts

Adding links

Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio

Search Engine optimisation
How to make sure your website is optimised for Search Engines

How to take advantage of the social web

Sharing your content on other social networks

Auto-posting to Twitter and LinkedIn

Adding ‘Share’ buttons

Paul has over ten years working with websites and marketing, he has worked with over 2000 websites in the UK and some internationally. You will find him patient, helpful and inspiring.£45 per person.

Individual or groups of people can be trained on-site. I come to you.

Groups up to 8 can be trained at a training facility £49 per person. Contact me to book.

To reserve a place or book, call or text 07712 079 106, email | Click here to book