Email and Telephone Contact Tips. Communicate better with clients.

Four Email and Telephone Contact tips when contacting bulk lists of clients.
When handling bulk contact lists of clients you will use an email template.

TIP-1. Evolve the Email Template: All email templates will evolve based on the feedback you receive as you progress communicating with your clients, this is good, times change. Advice: Keep all versions of the templates. You can revert if the new one fails.

TIP-2. Play with the Send Order: Think about the process order. Send email first then call? Or the other way round which is best?

Example: I am working on a client contact campaign now. The objective is to contact all the clients within 30 days of sign up. Let them know we are here to help and support, provide contacts for the client use should they require. The contacts must be documented and evidence provided to demonstrate all clients have been contacted as best as is possible.

Initially we failed, we did this:

-Called and spoke with the client and then sent an email.

PROBLEM – over 80% of calls were not answered.
BAD RESULT – only 20% contact.

So we flipped it over! We changed the order.

We emailed the template FIRST, included a paragraph that explained we will call them, told them when and provided the number we will be calling from. We called after the email and the answers escalated to 60%

PROBLEM REDUCED – just 40% of calls were not answered.
GOOD RESULT – 60% contact.

• No extra effort – just changed the contact order.

TIP – 3. Ask and you will get. Ask during your call or email for your contact to do something; visit a link, reply with an up-date etc. And they will do it. Don’t ask – they won’t! It costs you nothing to ask. We asked in this campaign for clients to reply with an update – we said ‘An update will be great!’. The result is occasionally we do indeed get an update from the clients – which is great.

TIP – 4 . Say ‘Thank You!’ <<< Like that. It’s a positive high-five – Thank You! And we find clients interpret it as a genuine, punchy, up-beat – Thank You!

Redcar Author gets ‘jaw-dropping advance’ publishing deal.

Karen Charlton, a Redcar author runs Famelton Writing Services, a literary consultancy run by a group of successful, published writers. Their aim is to help aspiring authors and publishers. Karen also publishers here own books. Her efforts building readership and raising her profile has just paid dividends. She has an Amazon publishing deal.

Redcar Author, Karen Charlton today announced she will agree to accept the ‘jaw-dropping advance’ from Amazon Publishing. Congratulations!  Read the full story on Karens Blog.

I worked with Karen in December 2013 on behalf of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Provision of Business Support Services for the Creative Industries. We worked on SEO, website development and general marketing.

Business Support

Business Support:

The BBA is the UK’s leading association for the banking sector, representing the interests of more than 240 member organisations with a worldwide presence in 180 countries. The membership brings together banks of all shapes and sizes, including retail banks, wholesale institutions, challenger banks and private banks.

Enterprise Mentor.

Free access to a comprehensive list of quality business mentoring organisations across Britain. It is operated by the Better Business Finance programme, set up by five high street banks: Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander. The initiative is overseen by the BBA.

Any UK business can use the service, but start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses tackling new challenges tend to find the scheme most beneficial. An easy-to-use search engine allows you to refine your search according to what stage your business is at and where it is located.

Business mentors will normally offer wide-ranging business experience or expertise in a particular area, such as finance, marketing or exports. They will act as your trusted confidant over a flexible period of time, although you should be clear on what you can and cannot expect from them.

Contact us for more information or an informal chat.

Requests for business support – But its just one question.

I work with a lot of businesses nationwide. 80% of the requests for business support are for just one support area. Here are ten real questions all asking for the same thing.

What support do you require?

Getting people to know about this business and the benefits that they can receive-

Finding the right kind of clients –

Publicising my products on a shoestring budget –

Marketing, particularly an online presence are my challenges –

Need to develop an e-commerce website –

Finding new clients –

Raising the profile of my regional business in West Yorkshire –

Increase contact through the website –

Promote my auction services better –

Promote my services to a specific market, get contacts from prospective customers –

A – Marketing.


UK Businesses are crying out for marketing support. They are rarely budgeting for any marketing, some don’t value a marketing spend and most don’t know where to start. It’s frightening, Its very easy to spend a huge marketing budget and get a zero return.

The solution is based on the individual company and can be just one action or more likely a bunch of actions and in some cases hundreds of actions to achieve the goal together with a system to record and me sure actions v results. Boring but true. Time and money consuming too.


By: Paul Harper.