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Conversion Optimisation: What happens when visitors reach your site? We take the risk out of web design by letting your website visitors vote with their mice. We use the latest content delivery tools to multivariate test a huge range of elements on your website. We can vary page layouts, text, calls to action, products and images.

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Business marketing, website and print

Business marketing, website and print Client feedback:

Thank you so much for all the help, advice and considerable time you have given me. My marketing has progressed so far in the last few weeks. I knew I had to do something but was not sure the best way. I appreciate your evaluation and as you can see my website now looks so much better and I had never considered Google Local. I am so grateful for the work you put in for my advert it looks really good in the magazine better than I could have put together.

I do feel very fortunate, I have not been offered such constructive help since starting up last year, lots of muttering but nothing so tangible. I feel I have finally really moved on.

SFR Film.

Cross platform websites

Cross platform websites – race is on

I was involved in the mad mix of the digital revolution early on. In the 1990’s I worked with Xerox when they introduced digital technology and started using the Internet in business. I used to use computers with the black screen and enter white command text to check stock and order equipment. When we first saw the Internet version in colour and used a mouse with plain English commands, CRM systems and websites; wow, it was an exciting time. I couldn’t sleep.

The wave of technology has progressed to a market that is part of everybody’s life. The excitement slowed to an almost halt a few years ago. Everyone had a website, everyone had CMS, everyone knows how to get found in Google.

Well it’s all started up again. Fuelled by social media and multi platform rendering. Tablets and smart phones now are used for 40-50% of website traffic. The race it to capture business owners who want in on the new wave of device users linked to social media.

Duda today have launched a new multi platform website that will convert your old site into their modern version for $150. WordPress have plugins that will provide multi platforms and we have lots of providers who offer some fantastic themes (ready designed website) for just $45.

This is all good; you, as a business owner can get into the new wave for little money and little word. Great! But not all that is shiny and new will provide what you want. Be wary of signing up for seemingly amazing value upgrades, new platforms and mobile sites. Beware of monthly fees, contracts and limited versions.

My advice is to get involved but first seek advice before buying.

A someone you:

1 – Trust.
2 – Who knows about business.
3 – Who can demonstrate return on investment good value offering.


I am very excited about my business again!

A client emailed me today: I am very grateful and delighted with all you are doing, I am very excited about my business again! I am very excited about my business again! That’s a very good sign.

Running a business is hard, its lonely and sometimes not rewarding. My client just wants to do what she does best – in this case; make films and wedding videos. But she has to market her services and that’s not easy or cheap. You can spend a lot of money advertising and wait but that can burn a lot of cash and not always get you going. The Internet, of course, is by far the most efficient way to attract customers.  This lady has a website, a nice one too. But it is not bringing in leads.

We are in the process of turning it around. The process used focusses clearly on the product offered and the client required. We simply pull them together. Here is an outline of one of our processes.

Questions to be answered:

1 – Who are your customers.

2 – What are they searching on the Internet to find you.

3 – Can your website be found based on the search phrases.

4 – How many people are looking for your service in your coverage area.

5 – What percentage of the market can you cope with now.

Actions to be taken:

1 – Focus on what your customers are like, where do they go, how old are they and what sex are they.

2 – Optimise the website based on the typical search phrases.

3 – Ensure your website is on page one based on your searches. SEO, AdWords, PR and social media. Make sure your website navigates nicely and its easy to contact you.

4 – Research search volume to confirm you are not marketing to a low market.

5 – Set targets to achieve your market share.
Simple math: Market share required = A. Market share achieved = B. Marketing goals achieved = C. Solution is to achieve A calculate the difference between A and B and increase C accordingly.