Paul Harper has over ten years experience in business development, Internet marketing, and website design. A business mentor and adviser Paul operates Zedcomms Business Support and Marketing company. The director of various businesses in the UK and executive operator of business projects too. The founder of one of the countries biggest franchised website design companies and a visionary who saw the self-edit website system as the way forward back in the 1990s. Paul built a network of conscientious business advisors who delivered world-beating products to UK SMEs.
Read his thoughts, marketing tips, and stories to help a business succeed. Marketing your product or service in a modern world. It’s all changed! — again.


The Next Digital Revolution

‘Digital Revolution’ and all that.? Well its part of our lives now – maybe too much part of our lives? Your business should be part of it. Digital online is growing faster now with apps, Google local and mobile sites.  The demand is powered by tablets and smartphones. Every client I work with now; I always set up and optimise Google Places. Its the smartest no brainer free marketing tool ever. More and more people are now searching for services that you offer locally using Google and/or their Smartphones? You yourself might have noticed while searching on Google for a keyword with a specific location. The maps on the right hand […]

Should my company consider developing a mobile app?

Im working with an app developer currently and its opened my eyes as to what apps actually do. Your thinking Angry Birds aren’t you, me too at first. Going for a tailor-made app is a choice more entrepreneurs and small businesses are making as a way to raise their profile, boost sales and get their services in the hands of more users. But there are also several good reasons for a business not to consider a mobile app, most importantly if the only impetus is the CEO received an iPad for Christmas. While mobile apps can greatly increase a business’s efficiency or generate more profits, business leaders need to first […]

Mobile device to help market your business

Attached to your hip, your mobile will be I’m sure. Try to leave it in you office, you can’t. They are so useful to look up items that pop in your head right now on the move or watching TV. Keep up with emails and latest news. OK, they are here to stay and mobile devices will get better and cheaper, faster and easier to use. Amazon are to give their mobile device away free which will boost smart phone users. The competition like Apple will respond by lowering prices. With so many users who are contactable instantly via the mobile, most messages on a mobile device are read within […]

Property Price Rise by 13%, we find investors for property business

With mortgages becoming a little easier to get hold of and people realising that property in general is extremely well priced, people are starting to buy. It’s still much harder to get a mortgage than it was in the past. 100% mortgages are impossible and buy to let mortgages have to be heavily geared in the banks favour. 12 months ago my property development clients re-started work full-on again. My small rental property clients have been buying in an easy market for three years. These guys now say it has become competitive but bargains are still to be had. But once the private buys come back in, that will happen late 2014, […]

Maximise Profits Of Course But Be Careful Not To Lose Customers In The Process

Working with SME’s we often suggest ways to maximise profits, of course. But taking a great high profit deal today can lose your customer long term. We design profit balance systems to maximise your daily, weekly profits but also ensure the long term customer loyalty to maximise profits long term. The format to follow is to give back 7% of your profits in reward to returning customers. So let’s say you usually make £100 on a service you provide. Design a ‘gift back’ worth about £7 at cost, a probable perceived value of £12 and give it back to the customer. EXAMPLE: A specialist car service centre charges £300 for […]