The Palace Hub is an exciting new building that offers creative space with a difference

I was working in The Palace Hub today and I must say, the vibe is super. Lots of space, mega fast broadband and a sea view!  My client secured a lucrative order on his first day as a tenant – coincidence?

The Palace Hub has been built specifically with the creative business community in mind: its stunning location at the heart of the Redcar seafront provides an awe inspiring venue for all types of business needs.  The hub offers permanent offices, studio space for artists and meeting rooms. Pods, hot-desking and virtual office facilities are also available for fledgling & mobile businesses. Flexible meeting rooms can cater for groups of various sizes. The building’s versatility is one of its greatest features: meeting rooms can easily be turned into break out areas, inspiring spaces can provide excellent informal spaces and our atrium provides a relaxed place to network over coffee!

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The Next Digital Revolution

‘Digital Revolution’ and all that.? Well its part of our lives now – maybe too much part of our lives? Your business should be part of it. Digital online is growing faster now with apps, Google local and mobile sites.  The demand is powered by tablets and smartphones.

Every client I work with now; I always set up and optimise Google Places. Its the smartest no brainer free marketing tool ever. More and more people are now searching for services that you offer locally using Google and/or their Smartphones?

You yourself might have noticed while searching on Google for a keyword with a specific location. The maps on the right hand side with red balloons like icons or in the organic search results with the Business name, location and Phone number.

Google Maps and Places is becoming popular day by day because your customers will see your number on Google Listings page itself, they do not need to go to your website and then contact us page and then call you. They can call you straight from their mobile by tapping on the phone number. You don’t need a website to rank on Google places and maps.

This service does not cost much if anything but gives you better and quicker results than any other online marketing technique.

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Should my company consider developing a mobile app?

Im working with an app developer currently and its opened my eyes as to what apps actually do. Your thinking Angry Birds aren’t you, me too at first.

Going for a tailor-made app is a choice more entrepreneurs and small businesses are making as a way to raise their profile, boost sales and get their services in the hands of more users.

But there are also several good reasons for a business not to consider a mobile app, most importantly if the only impetus is the CEO received an iPad for Christmas.

While mobile apps can greatly increase a business’s efficiency or generate more profits, business leaders need to first think about how a mobile app would integrate with their work.

“There’s no sense in writing a mobile app until you understand what the business’s needs are,” said Josh Oakhurst, creative director for Skookum Digital Works, a custom software business in Charlotte.

“Any business considering a mobile app needs to really have a good reason for wanting one.”

Mobile apps are not just for customers. An increasing number of businesses are employing mobile technology for in-house applications such making information and communication more accessible for employees in the field. This helped me get it: Apps can pull information from all the smartphone features like satellite location information, camera and contacts etc. They can also pull in information from websites – now you should be thinking – Mmmmm.

A new mobile app contains a condensed, user-friendly version of the reports that allows welders to quickly look up answers to questions they have as they are welding.“We have a lot of technical knowledge and data, and we are looking at how we can use technology to push (it) into the field,” said John Shingledecker, EPRI senior project manager.

“The welding app is one way we can work with members to get them the critical information they need.”

When properly integrated with a business, mobile apps can significantly improve employees’ jobs. Mobile apps, which can be customized, can help employees do everything from approve invoices to track mileage.

SDW has built mobile apps that have digitized 25 years of research, and it has put software on a iPad so employees could access it in the field rather than returning to an office to work on a computer.

“We have given employees two or three hours of their day back,” Oakhurst said.

John Shingledecker, EPRI senior project manager, said that in the past few years, people have becoming increasingly accustomed to using devices such as smartphones and iPads.

“Now there are just so many people who have (mobile devices), and they are used to using apps,” Shingledecker said. “I think that’s why now is the time for (mobile apps).”

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Mobile device to help market your business

Attached to your hip, your mobile will be I’m sure. Try to leave it in you office, you can’t. They are so useful to look up items that pop in your head right now on the move or watching TV. Keep up with emails and latest news. OK, they are here to stay and mobile devices will get better and cheaper, faster and easier to use. Amazon are to give their mobile device away free which will boost smart phone users. The competition like Apple will respond by lowering prices.

With so many users who are contactable instantly via the mobile, most messages on a mobile device are read within five minutes, this is a fantastic way to communicate with prospects and established customers.

Three ways to use mobile devices to promote your business:

The easiest is Twitter. Ask your followers to allow text alerts. Keep your tweets informative and regular. Cost nothing to set up- just dedicate some time each week to manage your broadcasts. Make sure you design a good marketing mechanism to promote followers.

The hottest is mobile apps. Get a mobile app developed for your business. Give away good free services within your app to help your customers. Cost about £1500 and some time to manage.

Free text alerts. Offer your customers a free text alert to remind them of the next service, next sale or forthcoming function. Services cost are based on the amount of text sent out, usually about 5p each.

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Property Price Rise by 13%, we find investors for property business

With mortgages becoming a little easier to get hold of and people realising that property in general is extremely well priced, people are starting to buy. It’s still much harder to get a mortgage than it was in the past. 100% mortgages are impossible and buy to let mortgages have to be heavily geared in the banks favour. 12 months ago my property development clients re-started work full-on again. My small rental property clients have been buying in an easy market for three years. These guys now say it has become competitive but bargains are still to be had. But once the private buys come back in, that will happen late 2014, they will be priced out. One large property owner said he is waiting for the market to increase up to the values of 2007 and he will sell. Interesting…

We at Zedcomms are developing an AdWord based marketing structure to attract investors into the property rental business. We have attracted investors mainly based in the south east who want to get a better return than what the banks offer. We are using AdWords, content topic and a follow me set-up. Its a low cost marketing system that attracts a niche customer.