Paul Harper has over ten years experience in business development, Internet marketing, and website design. A business mentor and adviser Paul operates Zedcomms Business Support and Marketing company. The director of various businesses in the UK and executive operator of business projects too. The founder of one of the countries biggest franchised website design companies and a visionary who saw the self-edit website system as the way forward back in the 1990s. Paul built a network of conscientious business advisors who delivered world-beating products to UK SMEs.
Read his thoughts, marketing tips, and stories to help a business succeed. Marketing your product or service in a modern world. It’s all changed! — again.


Find customers for your business on the Internet

Find customers for your business on the Internet. I often tell my clients; whatever product or service you are promoting, your desired prospects are searching for you on the Internet – right  now.  Whatever the product; frozen mice (real example), hotel rooms (real example) or used Lexus cars (another real example).  The customers are there, on the Internet, looking, now. Our system attracts prospects for you. For example: We set up a marketing campaign for Lexus last year that now produces 2100 PA interested buyers of used Lexus cars.  They read a page that interests them on average for over six minutes. 220 PA of those visitors are sufficiently interested and are  delivered to their site. We can ‘tweak’ […]

Double your search traffic by 444% – Zedcomms

Double your search traffic Ive just checked a clients website after we completed a Search Engine Optimisation project. Its early days, we completed the SEO changes just last week: Home page views increased by 250%. Searched from Google from increased by 444%. Not bad! An important part of SEO is, and always has been, ‘conversions’. Once we attract our prospects we work with the website to convert our site visitors to contact and order through the site. Time will tell. Would you like a free evaluation on your website SEO and Conversion and Double your search traffic. Let us know.  

Great advertising next to paid-for adverts on the Internet

Correctly set up and great advertising on the Internet can ‘pull in’ the clients your looking for. Its a fact that there are buyers of your service or product looking for you on the Internet right now. We help you set up your website to do this. An example is this: If you are a business in Middlesbrough looking for some marketing services – IE, Zedcomms Marketing Agency, us. You would probably search ‘Marketing in Middlesbrough’. You will see Zedcomms right there under the paid-for adverts, Google AdWords and above the Google Local listings. GREAT! We can do the same for you? Lets talk SERP