Maximise Profits Of Course But Be Careful Not To Lose Customers In The Process

Working with SME’s we often suggest ways to maximise profits, of course. But taking a great high profit deal today can lose your customer long term. We design profit balance systems to maximise your daily, weekly profits but also ensure the long term customer loyalty to maximise profits long term. The format to follow is to give back 7% of your profits in reward to returning customers. So let’s say you usually make £100 on a service you provide. Design a ‘gift back’ worth about £7 at cost, a probable perceived value of £12 and give it back to the customer.

EXAMPLE: A specialist car service centre charges £300 for new front pads and discs. Give the customer a free voucher for an antifreeze test and top up to the value of £12. In this case we issued the the voucher with an expiry date of the year end and made it clear the voucher CAN be transferred, to stimulate a viral effect.

Customers are tightening their belts and the cost of pretty much everything is getting higher. So this little scheme takes the pain out of the purchase and shows we care about the customer – we all like to be loved.

Redcar based business marketing and sales

Redcar based business

We are proud to announce that Zedcomms have been awarded. The Provision of Mentoring Services for Creative Industries by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

So, if you are involved with a business in Redcar and the business has an element of design we can help with your marketing and sales.

Contact us for an information email using the form below.

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Find customers for your business on the Internet

Find customers for your business on the Internet. I often tell my clients; whatever product or service you are promoting, your desired prospects are searching for you on the Internet – right  now.  Whatever the product; frozen mice (real example), hotel rooms (real example) or used Lexus cars (another real example).  The customers are there, on the Internet, looking, now.

Our system attracts prospects for you.

For example: We set up a marketing campaign for Lexus last year that now produces 2100 PA interested buyers of used Lexus cars.  They read a page that interests them on average for over six minutes. 220 PA of those visitors are sufficiently interested and are  delivered to their site. We can ‘tweak’ the offer on the page to ‘tip-in’ more buyers. The better the offer the better the response. The offers can be flexed depending on the desire for a new client and seasonal changes.

Our system works with any product or service. It works well in-line with the new Google Penguin and Panda algorithm adjustments too.

Starter campaigns are available from £250 and fully scalable.

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Double your search traffic by 444% – Zedcomms

Double your search traffic

Ive just checked a clients website after we completed a Search Engine Optimisation project. Its early days, we completed the SEO changes just last week:

Home page views increased by 250%.
Searched from Google from increased by 444%.

Not bad!

An important part of SEO is, and always has been, ‘conversions’. Once we attract our prospects we work with the website to convert our site visitors to contact and order through the site.

Time will tell. Would you like a free evaluation on your website SEO and Conversion and Double your search traffic. Let us know.