Great advertising next to paid-for adverts on the Internet

Correctly set up and great advertising on the Internet can ‘pull in’ the clients your looking for. Its a fact that there are buyers of your service or product looking for you on the Internet right now. We help you set up your website to do this. An example is this:

If you are a business in Middlesbrough looking for some marketing services – IE, Zedcomms Marketing Agency, us. You would probably search ‘Marketing in Middlesbrough’. You will see Zedcomms right there under the paid-for adverts, Google AdWords and above the Google Local listings. GREAT!

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Got the order – I love this picture

He Got the Order! This is a clever picture; what’s happening? Look at the guy, what do we know about him? The answers deliver a message.

Thumb up, a big chuffed smile. He’s got it. Glasses a little wonky, he’s been working hard, multi-tasking. He’s a little grey, not a fresh faced model; he looks like a real person. Tie not perfectly aligned, he’s hot and been slogging away. He got the order, phew!

Got the order - I love this picture

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How to get cheap targeted Internet advertising

Advertising on the Internet is defiantly the place to be. Why? It’s just the same as advertising on TV but way cheaper. The similarities are; your advert is in front of a specific demographic, you know how many people are seeing your advert and you know where those people are. With TV and Internet advertising you can place your advert in front of, within reason, as many people as you like. For example ITV Saturday night hauls in approximately 6 million viewers up to a possible 12 million with a hit programme like XFactor in its hay day. But you need money and lots of it to advertise on TV main channels. Smaller less watched channels like ITV3 and the digital channels like Quest TV are a better bet for a better return on investment. You get a more targeted demographic so you can hone your advert to that demo’. This applies to Internet advertising too and this is where you should be looking to spend some of your budget. It takes some time to find the best advertising website but invest some research, find a site that attracts your demo’, look at the numbers and test the water.

The easy way: If you use AdWords make sure you edit the setting to allow your adverts to show on the specified sites. You’re in.

Takes more time but can get you awesomely cheap advertising: A great example of a small cheap advertising site is All reVKoo do is publish articles on hotels and associated businesses. The say that on average a hotel article attracts steady 30-60 viewers per month and the readers read the article for over 3 minutes – that’s a long time! Now, the very interesting part about this type of website content is that it is been read by a very specific demographic and the reader is defiantly, as defiant as well ever get, interested in booking a hotel in that area. So if you are a hotel or associated business in that area you can attract over 300 good readers to your business. If you are really clever – and I’m sure you are – you should add a special deal available ONLY on that site. Allows good measurably and your little tasty offer can encourage that golden chalice we call – viral activity. Little site like reVKoo earn their money from Google AdSense mostly but they will allow bespoke adverts cheaply as Google AdSense take the lion’s share of the advertising revenue. You should be able to get an advert from £100.

I remember in the old days placing a credit card advert for £25 and getting ten phone calls – a great return. Now that same advert will produce zero. The action is on the web. But the prices on the web via the main players is way too expensive for the little guys who cant afford to throw advertising budget around. Above gives you a way in to get a great advertising deal.

I hope this helps and here to cheap targeted advertising, lust like in the old days.

Talking about Search Engine Optimisation; Is Content King?


For many, many years content has always been king. In that respect, a website with good descriptive content text will do better than a generic content text website. So why are we asking this question again?

Its all got tighter; Google are only interested in ONE PERSON, The searcher, Google want to serve their searchers ‘relevant’ search results. Makes sense. So, last year Google made some massive algorithm changes to ensure their searchers do get ‘relevant’ search results. The algorithm changes were called Penguin and Panda. The changes killed a lot of search engine optimiser specialists tricks, the result was that it ranked real content over duplicated or scraped content. Google are so clever they can now tell if you lifted a load of text from another site and they punish those that do.

So what do we do? Its quite simple: Only publish your written text to your site and blogs. Encourage others to add content to your site and advertise on very specific sites that contain good quality content that pertains to your business.


Add a blog to your site and update it often.

Encourage your visitors to add content to your site.

Advertise and place links on good quality relevant websites.

Add your Twitter feed to your home page – and tweet often.

Google will see you are genuine and active, they will send their searchers your way.

Why it’s worth it to buy a website?

Brand Image WEB

I’m often asked for a website quote.

Don’t buy a website right off… Always get the free offerings first; Facebook, Twitter and Word Press are the first place to call. Invest a little if you can with a helpful advisor, design geek type person – lots of helpful guys like this around. Then get involved with your business support groups or on-line groups for advice and marketing tips. Build your basic knowledge about websites and social media before you progress to buying your own website.

I’d suggest open source as the platform too. That’s a free platform.

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