Whisper advertising campaign

Marketing as a whisper or shout?

Radio adverts shout, newspaper adverts shout and online adverts like Google Adwords shout. All work to a degree and the Internet versions have the added benefit of been placed in front of a preferred demographic.

Whisper advertising can be better. It’s just like a recommendation from a friend. No need to shout, RIGHT?

So how do you kick off a whisper advertising campaign?

You require the following:

1- something good about your product or service. Should be easy.
2- a third party recommendation. Few ways to get this, we can help.
3- an interesting offer or special deal. This fuels campaign, we help you design it.

Zedcomms set it all up for you. Let us know if you fancy a go. We can have your initial campaign ready in days and it only grows and gets better and its scalable. We have a promo in March at £45! to kick a campaign off. Try it- www.zedcomms.com/let’s-talk

We run a number of whisper campaigns that produce small but quality leads. The exciting part is that campaigns are scalable and the very exciting part is it can go viral. Indeed a whisper campaign is prime for viral activity.

To find out how a whisper campaign can work for you just let us know.

Bounce Rate – How to decrease and improve it?

I mentioned bounce: I’ve come across two sites this week with over 80% bounce
rate. Wow that’s high! This means that nearly all visitors ‘bounced’ out of the
site without looking at any other pages ouch!  The site is useless as its obviously attracting the wrong people. The good news is; It can be fixed very easily.

Last week I was working with a client who had a 70%+ bounce rate. He said
this was normal.  It’s not. Lower that 50 % is where you need to be.

And we reduced it from 60% to 52% which in-turn increased sales volume by 30%.

Flash on your Website

Don’t Use Flash on your Website. Twice today I have bounced out of a site – IE left as soon as I landed on the Home page. In both cases the reason was because the sites contain Flash and I’m on a iPad. Apple devices don’t read Flash. One website was the local pub, inconvenient. The other was Ford UK, they could of lost a prospective sale.  Flash is dead, no matter what people say, don’t use it in you website. More and more people are accessing sites using tablets and smart phones – they can’t read Flash. If you have a good website developer he can
provide an alternative that can provide the functionality and be seen on all devices.

PS – I’m the guy who said iPads would not catch on – Oops!