42 Ways To Increase Search Traffic

42 Ways To Increase Search Traffic.

SEO is dead as we know it. The old mathematics of increased back links and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results.
SEO is no longer a mathematics problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms are being retired.
Below is a suggested list of  “Monthly Task and responsibilities” provided by a SEO company.

1. 100 Press Release Submissions (10 press release x 10 press release websites) 2. 10 Press releases, 400+ words written 3. 15 Unique Articles will be written

4. 5 Web 2.0 Properties will be made 5. 5 Unique “how to Articles” will be written

6. 5 Face book Pages will be created

7. 5 Twitter channels will be created 8. Will increase twitter followers

9. 1 YouTube channel will be created 10. 10 YouTube videos will be created by Animoto.com (paid) 11. Will likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and 1+ in order to get natural back-links

12. Anchor text diversity (will not use exact keywords for back links). 13. Will get Natural back links by link worthy articles 14. Will draft & submit 5 articles to Ezinearticles.com 15. Will create Google+ page for your business 16 Will distribute 15 post daily via Google+ Page 17. Will participate in Forum 18. Will create blog for your website 19. Will make 1 post daily on your blog 20. Will bookmark real content to leading 150 Social Book marking sites as digg, delicious 21. Will submit your website to 10 leading Web directories as Dmoz.org On-Page work activities “Follow only first month”.

22. Yellow Pages Submission

On Page Optimization Activities. 23. Meta tags/Title tag changes 24. Keyword research/Analysis 25. Competitor Analysis 26. Analysis by our Paid SEOMoz Program 27. Heading tag changes 28. Alt tag changes 29. Interlinking wherever required. 30. Keyword density in site content. 31. HTML Site Map 32. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool 33. Ror.XML File creation 34. Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities 35. Google Webmaster tool 36. Google Analytics 37. Html to text ratio optimization 38. Keyword Prominence

39. Google authorship will be provided

Google Penguin / Panda Algo Audit

40. On-page evaluation

41. Link Profiling

42.Bad Link Removal

Exhausting and confusing isnt it? Let us show you a simple version of how to achive great SEO. Contact us on the  Lets talk page.

How To Appear On Page One Of Search Results For Free

The Internet is ‘pull technology’ – we can advertise something on our website and then a searcher will be ‘pulled’ to our website. You can pull customers to your site for free with just a little backwards thinking.

1 – Think what search phrase a prospect would ‘Google’ to find your product.
Be really specific and use terms a prospect would use, avoid inside industry terminology.

2 – Build a page that is all about the specific product.
Include a simple call to action like a contact form or big phone number.

3 – Optimise the page. Make the page all about the product in every way.

4 – Start chat about the new page on forums.

5 – Do a press release about the product and link to the new page.
Publish to online and to traditional press; make it interesting.

6 – After a few weeks check the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
Are you showing? Check your statistics and edit and revise as needed.

… That should do it. Here is an example:

Search phrase – Marketing agency in Middlesbrough.
The optimised page – https://zedcomms.com/lets-talk/marketing-agency-middlesbrough/
The SERP –

SERP-Marketing Agency Middlesbrough JAN 2013

We have used Word Press for this example. The concept works with most CMS platforms as long as you have good editing access.

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Great workshop on Thursday

Great workshop on Thursday! Many thanks to NeST…

Top three business fundamentals workshop delivering a workshop for NeST in Barnard Castle 10th January 2013.

Top three business fundamentals workshop

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Look Professional: The easy way to create a professional image; Social Media ,Business Cards, Website, Email.

Customer Service: How a little thought and a smile can make a £1 million; Smile, Follow Up, CRM, Networking, Elevator Pitch, Consultative Sell.

This Bespoke Workshop will greatly improve your business performance!
DATE: 10th January 2013 TIME: 11-2pm VENUE: NeST; 25 Newgate; Barnard Castle; Co Durham; DL12 8RD COST: £20 FREE for NeST Members
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January 12th 2013. ** The workshop went well and thanks for all the attendees. – Paul.

Americans offer the BEST Customer Service but Are They Slacking?

As I pushed open the door to enter a sports equipment shed type store in America I anticipated the good service, the good customer service I was about to receive. I’m a fan of american service. The store was just like any other big shed style store we have in the western world including the UK. But here is the difference: “are you looking for anything in particular?” questioned the young girl from about forty paces. She walked towards us and we answered ‘yes’ , the assistant started by asking us questions, the six steps to selling. The use or a good approach and questioning, my dear reader, IS the difference between a bad and a good service and possibly the difference between profit or loss. Think Comet.  The store I’m in is a USA national, a highly profitable store with a great staff ethos.

If you’re in retail take a look at building a sales process with positive ethos. Lets talk.

Great American service – But are they losing it? are they slacking?  YES: the Americans are not as upbeat as they have been in the boom years. Austere times are causing cut backs in staff, stock levels are obviously low, service is reduced, meals are smaller and any free service is reduced or removed. So yes, they are slacking a little but the survivors still  provide good structured service and because of that they sell more product.

One other thing that has always been missing from the American way of service is empathy. Americans don’t have it, they are ruthless with a sales focus. The girl in the store I described above did have empathy for me but this is thin on the ground in America, and always has been. The Brits are also very poor on empathy for different reasons, they have no sales structure anyway in most cases. I say this: build a great structured sales process and include staff and integrate customer empathy; you will have a profitable business even in fiscal cliff days.

My Customers Dont Like Social Media

My Customers Dont Like Social Media

My Customers Dont Like Social Media. Neither do I – its irritating, the terminology is confusing and what foes it do…


BUT set it up well and it can gather clients with little effort…

A project I’m working on has Facebook connected to Twitter so the client only has to up-date, ‘what’s on your mind’, Facebook and it auto populates Twitter. I’ve encouraged my client to open the Facebook page as a routine each morning and add to it as the day moves on. Nice thing too is if one adds a URL Facebook will pull in the text and images from that page. In most cases this is the business website. So we are connecting the business website to Facebook.

Why?! I hear the sceptics shout at me. ‘Reach’ is the answer. Social media lets you reach out to an interested audience. A little effort but its worth it.

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