How bricks and mortar retail can survive

How bricks and mortar retail can survive? More than 50% of consumers will do some browsing during the weekend, according to Kevin Sterneckert, vice president of retail research at Gartner.

“They will buy things because they looked at them in the store. They will touch and feel what they are interested in and then buy it online on Monday, either from the same retailer or a different online retailer.”

Last week was the start of Black Friday in USA. I experienced this marketing onslaught when I was in Arizona last year at this time. Its amazing. The TV adverts are booming out deals on cars, kitchens and department store wide offers. We are starting to see our British version now with quite 30% off two day sales etc. As consumers get even more savvy sales will become part of our yearly routine.

Don’t be too British – have a sale or a SALE! Consumers like it you know…


I asked: what would YOUR top three business fundamentals be?

I asked: what would YOUR top three business fundamentals be?

My friends on UK Business forums said:


Business Plan, Research and Research

Stay agile and don’t be afraid to try new things, Keep a heavy focus on service, Get on-line!

Don’t think that just because no one else is doing your idea that it will work. The reason for no one else doing it might be that they’ve all tried before and it doesn’t work.

Don’t expect to take a wage for months or even years.

Expect to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. New start ups always seem to get a shock at just how much work is involved in running a business.

Starting a new business is hard work, the best advise is not to be in a rush to startup, specially if you got a office or shop. As once you move in business rates and rent, will hit you.

Also quite a few new businesses have a few pounds in their pocket, and new business owners have so much to do, starting a new business, other business and people will target you, specially the web designers, designers, advertisers and marketeers. So in the first few months everybody is your friend, but in 6-12 months time, you actually find out who your real friends are, and how lonely running a business can be.

Work out what you actually need and when. And don’t forget these people are in business as much as you, and want to max their profits. And they are more than likely know more tricks than you, so get everything in writing.

Don’t be scared/learn when to say NO! If your quiet you can do other things, renegotiate suppliers, evalute the business, what’s hot what’s not?

Plan… Review plan… Replan.

I was lucky I took over a failing company, with no customer base, supplier relations, in 2 years i’ve upped turnover, moved premises, and seem to keep my head above water.

1 make sure you have the funds to cover your expenses for the first year (as a minimum)

2 dont enter the market based on offering the lowest price, quality counts.

3 dont trust anyone.



Top three business fundamentals workshop.

Top three business fundamentals workshop delivering a workshop for NeST in Barnard Castle 10th January 2013.

Top three business fundamentals workshop

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January 12th 2013. ** The workshop went well and thanks for all the attendees. – Paul.

New ideas will keep visitors on your site

New ideas will keep visitors on your site. I’ve been involved with literally thousands of website designs. A ‘Meet the team’ page is a staple. It’s good to show prospective clients who they will work for, demonstrates the teams skills … blah… blah … blah. All great and it works.


Try to think ‘outside the box’. I once worked on a site where the head shots of the team were animated, unknown to the visitor, and set to move after 7 seconds, pulling a FACE!  And today I came across this ‘Meet the team’ page, made me laugh and better it still pulled me into the site –

Resistance is Futile

Resistance to social media is futile… The older generation don’t like it, just like they did not like the Internet when it arrived. But like the Internet it won’t go away, it’s not a passing phase! And like the Internet we will see the older generations adopt social media in time. Right now, as I tell my clients, you should not shun it. Use social media to your benefit. Hey it’s not the answer to all your problems but it is free and takes very little effort.

‘the directors won’t go for that’ said my client…
We were putting together a marketing plan this week that included a review site with links to social media. The directors are established educators and don’t like social media. Their clientele are young parents in their 20’s. Social media IS a must.