• Change of model brings in four times more orders
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    SERP Map by Google

    A SERP Map is an improved search result for a website (see screen shot). The Search Engine Results Page shows additional links into a site rather than one. A SERP Map is granted by Google to sites it sees as ‘important’. Benefits of a SERP Map are; looks better, the big boys have one, more links to your site, looks impressive, nice to know Goo...

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    Make Meetings Work

    A UK advertising agency called St. Luke’s (who followed in the footsteps of HHCL) knew the problems of meetings. All too often, people book 1 hour when they need 20 minutes. They sit around and chat about things not related to the project. They start with anecdotes and end with chitchat about plans for the weekend. They are, in effect, 20-minute meet...

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    Its an Internet ‘Hold Off’

    You gotta be brave to cast an Internet hold off. Its a promotion that you release but hold off to a specified time. The promotion must be limited and strictly adhered to. IE no early ins – not late ins. We are running this marketing campaign tomorrow for TVTS. Why? it encourages viral activity and chatter.

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