There are More Virtual Farmers than Real Farmers in the World!?

There are More Virtual Farmers than Real Farmers in the World!?

I’m constantly amazed by the powerful momentum of this revolution that is; the Internet.

I’m excited by the possibilities for business; check out this fact below and marketing note:

80 million- -The number of virtual farmers on FarmVille <;<;<; Virtual online game. …. Just for reference: There are 1.3 million real farmers in the U.S.

On the social web, marketers no longer need content to approximate who a given audience is, because everyone who wants to reach you will know exactly who you are, exactly where you are and what you’re likely to do at any given moment. Who you are will determine not just what marketing messages you see, but also what price you pay for things, compared to others with a different profile or reputation. Maintaining your social status and reputation on the social web will be as important as maintaining your personal appearance–and that’s just the beginning of changes already under way.

Marketing Note:

FarmVille is a ‘platform’. Advertising for platforms is the way forward. We offer platform advertising optimisation. Hey; for a few quid you can display your company name with call to action in front of thousands of targeted clients.

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Find the Success Key

Find the Success Key. We call it LOCKED; Struggling with something? Not getting a decent response from your emails? Products not selling as they should on your website? Your going on appointments but they are not buying? What’s wrong? Situations like that are experienced within all businesses large and small. Finding that key to unlock the potential is a puzzle that needs working on.

The solution is often simplistic but complex to find.

We were working with an art franchise company. We built a database from past enquiries and started sending out marketing emails with a link to the web-page we were promoting. GREAT let’s see the clicks and contact come in… Nothing! (very little).

We analysed the data, talked with the people within the company and the called prospective Franchisees listed in the database. We asked questions to find the problem. We found the success key.

The problem was the email signature: The ethos of he company was very female. The database we were working was 99%+ female. The founder was female and most clients were indeed female. The manager whose signature we were using on the emails and was the contact was male. So we changed the signature to a joint signature of the founder (female) and the manager (male). Unlocked! It started working. Now the only hurdle was that our responders presume the founder and manager were married! Working on that…

International Corporation Buys A Client’s Images

A Client Sells Images to An International Corporation.

A client, an events photographer, today sold his images to a large international corporation. It took a bit of work but this one-man-band small business did it! An amazing achievement indeed, but one that we knew was possible with a bit of hard work and a creative approach. Of course now, the next step is to capitalise on this and develop more corporate relationships…and we’re working on it.

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Million Dollar Greeting; Costs nothing

Million Dollar Greeting; Costs nothing.

How to increase sales at zero cost and build staff moral along the way.  Say ‘hello’ to people as people enter your business…

Today I have visited four business: optician, car showroom, estate agent, delicatessen.

Three of the businesses did not greet me in a way that made me welcome. One was pleasant. One managed to make me feel like a trespasser. One person who was sat at a reception desk ignored me untill I stood over him. Two ladies in the estate agent regarded me as if I was an intruder. This is totally unacceptable and they are all missing a gift of an opportunity.

If you are a business owner/manager, a welcome regime and script should be instigated right now.  I predict a 15% increase in sales if you implement. Add data capture and customer care follow up and your a big time winner. Not convinced? Visit any mainstream businesses in America.