Amazing Tip How To Get More Business….

Just like the amazing tip how to lose weight: eat less, do more. How To Get More Business: Contact more, propose more. You will lose weight, you will get orders.

It’s the getting started and the set up of systems that is the hard part. And keeping yourself focused.

We are in the process of setting up a sales process for a training company and today we have seen, for the first time, an operator using the system. We have proposed three prospective clients this morning, before lunch. Historically we proposed four per month – yes I said a month.

… I love it when it works.

First Christmas Related Email Received Today!

Marketing Automation

First Christmas Related Email Received Today! Surely its too early? Well actually no. All businesses can capitalise on Christmas, not just turkey farmers. If your product is NOT Christmas related at least make up a good digital Christmas Card and prepare your client database to send nearer the time. First week of December is the best time to send – be the first.

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Explanation Video in websites increases effectiveness

Explanation Video

Explanation Video in e-shots increases effectiveness by a factor of x 20!

Putting video on your home page increases conversions by 24%.

70% of Executives are more likely to view a video than read text.

Contact me to explore how online video and web tv can tranform your marketing performance.

Here is an example of an Explanation Video:


I offer a cost effective service from concept, scripting, filming, editing, presentation and marketing communications.

You will find that a video is both effective and affordable.

Google First page bid estimate: £1.50 yesterday, £2.00 today

Google First page bid estimate: £1.50 yesterday, £2.00 today. This is a new thing to me: We manage a number of AdWord accounts for clients. This new account costs just went up 33% in a 24 hour period. Yesterday Googles interface suggested we increase our First page bid so we did. Great, and today Googles interface suggests we need £2.00 for First page bid. Yes we got first page place yesterday for 33% less!

If we did that in our business how would we survive?

If we were so much in demand as Google advertising is we could get away with it – and they are.


Zedcomms, a digital marketing agency started 18 months ago


  • For Release 9 a.m, September 24 2012.

Zedcomms, a digital marketing agency started 18 months ago in Darlington has flourished worldwide.

After selling his Internet marketing business 18 months ago Paul Harper founded Zedcomms Marketing Agency.  Zedcomms is a unique Marketing Agency as it has a strong ‘sales’ background. Believing he would find his clients locally. The world came knocking. The business evolved in a way he never expected.  The first client came from Australia because the owner wanted marketing advice to increase sales. He wanted to invest in a redesign of his website structure with a focus on sales; a 30% increase was delivered.  Soon after a web designer in Florida wanted help with a sales pricing structure for his business and an Italy based luxury watch on-line retailer needed more website hits. UK companies came too.  Zedcomms recruited franchisees for a Somerset based jewelry company.  The new recruits’ came from the UK, but also Melbourne in Australia, Tasmania and Kuwait.  The international flavor is due to ease of communication using Internet tools and the desire for marketing services with a ‘sales’ focus.

Zedcomms provide marketing services to a handful of businesses and Councils in the UK  There is a gap in the market for a ‘sales focused’ Marketing Agency to deliver marketing products and services in the UK, so ZedComms are to offer a free consultation and feedback to businesses.

Paul Harper says; my skill is to understand technology then connect the technology to promote a business. I recall talking with ease to a lady in a Kuwait restaurant about her franchise, as if she was in the next town!  We are to launch a super Social Media Marketing package that will fit in nicely with SME’s nationally.  I love working with businesses promoting products and services worldwide – and locally.



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