Its an Internet ‘Hold Off’

You gotta be brave to cast an Internet hold off. Its a promotion that you release but hold off to a specified time. The promotion must be limited and strictly adhered to. IE no early ins – not late ins.

We are running this marketing campaign tomorrow for TVTS.

Why? it encourages viral activity and chatter.

What Title Should You Trade Under – Zedcomms

Who Are You? What Title Should You Trade Under? – identity problem, identify ‘badge’

You may see your business as one thing but what do your clients see you as? You could find a way to boost your business.

We at ZedComms provide marketing services to businesses, great! BUT most of our website traffic finds us by the search phrase ‘Marketing Agency’. We don’t think we are a marketing agency but if that’s the badge our paying customers want us to wear- we won’t complain. It’s different ways to describe a business. You can capitalise on this to boost your business:

TIP. Here is how to fix, indeed to check, your identity problem: you know your main competition, so look at their site and see how they portray themselves, what category are they listed on directories. If they are listed in categories you are not, get listed.

If you identify a ‘badge’ your not wearing, make sure the keyword are included in your META information and TAGS as available.

Marketing of a Community Magazine

Press advertising still has its place. Direct community magazine still produce good results when set up correctly, IE linked to a website. We at ZedComms have been commissioned to launch a established Irish magazine in England, starting in the city of Durham. The magazine will offer delivered advertisements through a prospects door by Royal Mail from an amazing low cost of 1p per delivery. Yes one pence!

Low cost promotion – Dating Sites

low cost promotion

Low cost promotion – Dating Sites. In the old days Google AdWord were a low cost Low Cost business marketing option. For a few pennies your advert showed and could be clicked. Costs have increased 25 fold over the years. So I was pleased to discover at a meeting today this was mentioned, evidently you can get good prices, a fraction of AdWord, on Dating Sites. As long as your product fits the demographic it’s a good option, worth exploring.