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Hi I’m Paul Harper,

For over ten years I have helped businesses all over the UK (and the world) capitalise on the Internet. I have increased leads, orders and maximised many business websites. I am now freelance working for business’s directly. If you would like me to check your status – it’s free – reply to this email and Ill contact you for a quick no obligation consultation.

PPS – Absolutely no obligation. See what our customers say.

Keepsake Manufacturer

Keepsake ManufacturerZed Comms Working with an Established Keepsake Manufacturer

We are glad to announce we are working with the UK’s most established keepsake manufacturer. Zed Comms are developing a new product profile and providing a marketing service along with developing a network of business owners to expand the brand.

Visitor Attraction UK

Visitor Attraction UK

Visitor Attraction Visitor AttractionUK Website check and report. Marketing plan and suggestions with action list.

Client Says: Thanks for the report. I found the process very useful and good value. It will certainly focus my mind on what needs to be done with the HMS Trincomalee website.


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