Health and Fitness Business

HealthHealth and Fitness Business – Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Sales

We have a new¬†project that aims to¬†reduce bounce rate and encourage more sales through the client’s health and fitness business website. We identified the business offerings were three pronged. Suggestions made to change the navigation path, home page choices and call to action wording. Work in progress.


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Prestige Watch and Writing Instrument Company

Prestige WatchPrestige Watch Company – Marketing and Site Conversion Challenge

Site Check Report was produced for this world wide prestige watch retailer. Our challenge is to focus on converting more visits to orders.

The SCR is the first step of many of our projects. We are working with the client to instigate marketing changes. We will continue working with this client to deliver requirements.


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Pop Art Website

Pop Art WebsitePop Art Website

We are glad to report we are working with a new online pop art website client who promotes pop art online. We are working to encourage more artists to open an on-line shop.


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TV Talent Agency

TV Talent Agency is a listing website for TV presenters, specialists and experts. The website lists a bio of all paid individuals.

Zed Communications have been hired to complete the following projects:

Produce a SCR – Site Check Report. A Zed Communications SCR will identify the base setting and mechanics are in-place for optimum Internet performance. Actions to be agreed with client.

Establish marketing campaign to attract TV producers who are looking for established and new TV talent.

Perform a recruitment and retention system to service and grow the already successful service.

Add on-line support system for site users.

Explore expansion from the original base in the UK to USA, and Australia.

Services Provided

Services ProvidedServices Provided

Services provided by Zed Comms range from Site Check Reports to training packages and mentoring. We offer project services and on-going training and development:

All our products and service are focused on sales and marketing.

Retail sales and customers services-Retail building industry customer sales.
Retail sales and mentoring-Department store customer sales.
Hospitality business sales and customer care and up-sell.
B2B and B2C product and service sales and consultative sales.
Auto trade selling skills and data capture.
Retail furnishing customer sales.
Restaurant customer care and sales opportunity.
Restaurant data building and coupon systems to increase foot traffic.
Business to business direct sales.
New technology sales and training.
New media marketing processes.

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