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New Client | Children’s Furniture Manufacturer

Can you see magic? Our skills are 1000’s of levels deep, lots is going on during our mentoring sessions. Although looking from the outside it looks like magic. It, of course is not magic, the feeling all in the room get when we achieve our goal is ‘magic’.

We worked with our new client on Wednesday. A start up in the children’s furniture manufacturing business. The objective: to get the business to order stage. 1 1/2 hours later we had a detailed to-do list and finally we prioritised when and how to do it. Our client said ‘You have cut through the fog and I now have a clear action plan’. Now that’s magic. Or is it just experience and working together?

Online Business Revival – An Example of What Results ZedComms Can Provide

Online Business Revival – The Kind of Results We Provide

Online business revival is just one of the things we can do. What we do at ZedComms can’t be summed up easily. Here is an example of the result of what we do:

I cant say here who this client is but should you talk with us we will show you.

Our clients online business was left for two years therefore it was dead and not producing any orders or providing service to it’s clients.

ZedComms stated work on the website in April. Now the business is profitable, employs one part time person, is providing work for the sites clients and the owner is
looking at developing the business concept further with a focus on selling or franchising.

How did we do it? …

We follow our protected multi business structured rules to influence the business. No additional marketing spend.

… Isn’t it great when it works.

Business Mentoring

Business MentoringBusiness Mentoring is Now Offered by ZedComms!

Starting a new business is an exciting prospect. New business owners are specialists in their area. Zed Comms offer Business Mentoring. We look at your business and advise how to market your product and services. Then provide services or direct you to how to easily and cost effectively market your business. Try us out – it costs nothing to talk with us.

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