Darlington Upholsterer use website to streamline customer service with ‘Fabric Choice’ page.


BJ Upholstery Services

Jo at BJ Upholstery realised that the links at the foot of her website was a very useful tool in helping customers choose a fabric.  The links are links to fabric suppliers range.

So Jo decided to develop this simple tool and set up a ‘Fabric Choice’ page.  Cleverly though she retained the footer link so that her old customers still knew where to go to find the fabric supplier links.

Keep it simple and it will work!

BJ Upholstery work with established and proven fabric providers. We have listed below some providers with links to their websites so you can select your fabric.  Make a note of the company and fabric name, we can show you a swatch when we meet.  You can provide your own fabric as an option, any customer provided fabric must be fire safety compliant.

Jo responded to how her customers were working and picked up on what they like.  Using very simple and readily available technology Jo developed this to set up an improved customer process that helped her customers and her.  Paul Harper | Zedcomms.

WordPress 4.4.1 Best to update and strengthen security

WordPress 4.4.1 is available and we suggest you update ASAP to the latest WordPress version. While you are there also update your plugins and all themes, even themes you don’t use.  This prevents any possible security issues running older versions of WordPress, Plugins and Themes.

You can set up auto update too by using JetPack and linking to your WordPress account.

We have a policy to click all updates each time we access our clients sites to keep thinks healthy.

Advertising on the Internet and how to get a great deal

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet is definitely the place to be. Why? It’s just the same as advertising on TV but way cheaper. The similarities are; your advert is in front of a specific demographic, you know how many people are seeing your advert and you know where those people are. With TV and Internet advertising you can place your advert in front of, within reason, as many people as you like. For example ITV Saturday night hauls in approximately 6 million viewers up to a possible 12 million with a hit programme like XFactor in its hay day. But you need money and lots of it to advertise on TV main channels. Smaller less watched channels like ITV3 and the digital channels like Quest TV are a better bet for a better return on investment. You get a more targeted demographic so you can hone your advert to that demo’. This applies to Internet advertising too and this is where you should be looking to spend some of your budget. It takes some time to find the best advertising website but invest some research, find a site that attracts your demo’, look at the numbers and test the water.

Advertising on the Internet  – The easy way:

If you use AdWords make sure you edit the setting to allow your adverts to show on the specified sites. You’re in.

Advertising on the Internet – A bit harder but better value:

A great example of a small cheap advertising site is www.reVKoo.com. All reVKoo do is publish articles on hotels and associated businesses. They say that on average a hotel article attracts steady 30-60 viewers per month and the readers read the article for over 3 minutes – that’s a long time! Now, the very interesting part about this type of website content is that it is been read by a very specific demographic and the reader is definitely, as defiant as well ever get, interested in booking a hotel in that area. So if you are a hotel or associated business in that area you can attract over 300 good readers to your business. If you are really clever – and I’m sure you are – you should add a special deal available ONLY on that site. Allows good measurably and your little tasty offer can encourage that golden chalice we call – viral activity. Little site like reVKoo earn their money from Google AdSense mostly but they will allow bespoke adverts cheaply as Google AdSense take the lion’s share of the advertising revenue. You should be able to get an advert from £100.
I remember in the old days placing a credit card advert for £25 and getting ten phone calls – a great return. Now that same advert will produce zero. The action is on the web. But the prices on the web via the main players is way too expensive for the little guys who can afford to throw advertising budget around. Above gives you a way in to get a great advertising deal.

I hope this helps and here to cheap targeted advertising, lust like in the old days.

How Honda could sell more cars in the UK. 

Honda, an international car manufacturer, operate a very outdated marketing structure to sell theirs cars. They follow the American model of sending demonstration modest to the dealers and then promoting the brand from from the top. A top agency produces the headline TV adverts, press media and social digital etc.

This marketing model is not dissimilar to how other Japanese manufacturers like Sharp and Cannon roll out through a dealer/distributor network in USA.
The customer experience starts of well enough. Top end brand promotion via TV, press, F1 and radio is world class. Desire to own a Honda is high but when a prospective buyer arrives at the showroom the experience and brand value drops off a cliff.
The dealers to operate on a respond as needed basis with cars parked where they feel nosed in and often not presented as they as a top brand or anything special. An old car trade expression is to refer to a car as a unit. A product mustn’t be presented this way ideally.
Staff training is not evident and a customer experience journey is not in place.
Honda do sell cars and at premium price- they are never cheap – so Honda maybe happy back at the factory – Missed opportunities. Cars sell partly because they still have a following from the 1980’s when Honda earned a reputation as a good quality car. The following is an older clientele, which in some ways a good thing, as the over 60’s tend to have equity and access to cash. And s memory of Honda of old. They are putting aside the poor sales process.
How can the Honda brand do better?

They need to connect the top line brand advertising and spear all the way through to the showroom visit. Connect with a follow up to all visitors with a personal call and electronic contact. And along the journey study how the brand is presented, make sure Honda is presented in an informative educated way- train the showroom staff. Staff really need to know how the car was designed, why it was designed, where and what this means to the prospective new customer. Appeal to a wider age range.
On a showroom visit I discovered the sales person knew little about the car the showroom was not a nice place to be, I wanted to leave – which left me cold. I bought a BMW. (Who were marginally better!).

Inbound Marketing System

Inbound Marketing System

Paul Harper has over ten years experience in business development, Internet marketing and website design. A business mentor and adviser Paul operates Zedcomms Business Support and Marketing company. The director of various businesses in the UK and executive operator of business projects too. The founder of one of the countries biggest franchised website design companies and a visionary who saw the self edit website system as the way forward back in the 1990s. Paul built a network of conscientious business advisors who delivered world beating products to UK SMEs.

Read his thoughts, marketing tips and stories to help business succeed.

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