Managing your business and Internet marketing

Managing your business and Internet marketing

Our ‘Useful Stuff’ section has proved very popular for businesses who want to fully capitalise on the business website and marketing of services and products in general.

Today we have added two new ‘Useful Stuff’ pages:

Five Basic Tips Managing Your Website.
Having worked with Internet marketing and sales generation for many years the basics still apply. Here are Tips managing your website.

Tips Managing Your Website


27 Perfect Places for Your URL | Driving Traffic to Your Website.
Driving Traffic to Your Website really IS one of the most critical parts of any business website. If you don’t have traffic, well you are missing out on potential on-line business. This can be orders, inquiries or brand exposure.

There are lots of ways to Driving Traffic to Your Website and it’s always better to have lots of differant traffic streams pushing people to your site rather than just relying on one like Google for example. If your business is dependent on one traffic source such as search engines or Google Adwords then your business is hanging by a single thread. So how do we ‘Drive Traffic’ to our websites?

See listed below 27 Perfect Places ways to Driving Traffic to Your Website and places to help drive traffic.

Driving Traffic to Your Website


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Marketing and promotion of a UK manufacturer

Marketing and Promotion

We are proud to be working with an inventive and innovative company who have developed an environmentally friendly range of products to assist with ‘Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety.’ The ‘anti-slip’ products are made from recycled glass and “old car tyres!” And are available for steps, laboratories, kitchens, car parks and any potentially slippy surfaces including Glow-Path that glows in the dark ideally suited to low light areas.

About Innovision.

Innovision develops products for pedestrian accessibility and safety. The product range encompasses tactile surfaces for the partially sighted, anti-slip step nosings and wayfinding systems. The products are based on a unique polymer which, when combined with a catalyst, forms an amazingly strong molecular bond with all existing floor surfaces. Unlike existing methods of installing tactile surfaces, Innovision products do not require any pre-treatment of the surface i.e. digging, levelling etc. There is also a high level of flexibility and choice of materials which can be incorporated into the polymer mix, various types of hard wearing aggregate and photo luminescent (glow in the dark) pigment for example.

Our work together.

The product offering is good and its a great story to tell.  The scope of the product is huge with health and safety so important in new build pedestrian access areas and refits to areas anywhere people walk.  Our work is to tighten the brand and explain the product offer to the prospective market; building contractors, councils, schools and colleges.  Using modern communication Zedcomms are designing marketing strategy and marketing mechanics to spread the word of this amazing company.

Look out for upcoming social media campaigns, email offers of a free survey and case study stories including a “glow in the dark anti slip path through a public park”.

For more information on Innovision and Marketing and Promotion for a UK Manufacturer please use the form below:

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Get up to £2800 towards your business improvement project.

Business Grant. Up to £2800 funding for business improvements. North East England.

NBSL Business Grant

Source: Business Grant. Get up to £2800 towards your business improvement project. | Paul Harper | LinkedIn

Projects covered by North East business funding are shown below, but they must cost between £3,000 and £8,000 and will attract up to 35% funding (a maximum grant of £2800). Listed below are the main types of project that NBSL can fund – if you’ve got a project in mind that’s not on the list, get in touch and we’ll try to help.

Business growth planning
Strategy Development
Change Management
Business Expansion Planning
Product development / diversification
Developing Quality Management Systems
Process improvement systems
Financial restructuring
Marketing planning
Web design / development
Accessing new markets
Succession planning
HR Strategy planning and development
Design costs for marketing

Please note it was announced in October that three proposals will be required.

Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition – enter here:

We are looking for some photos to use on our website to reflect the North East of England. Photographers chance to show your work, you will be credited and included in social media chat. This is what we are looking for; Photos of the North East from York to Berwick including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Teesside, Richmond, Thirsk and Northallerton – and ALL between. Photos of views and towns in our region, close ups of details for example a Georgian door in Richmond, landscapes of housing estates in Newcastle or street views.
Please submit your photos in any format and any size (but internet ready will be appreciated)  to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION.


If used we will credit you at publication on our site. You of course retain FULL copyright and may get some good exposure. The overall winner as ‘best photo North East’ will be announced to all entries with a press realease and link to your site.  Thank you!


Zedcomms content team. Mail photos to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION



Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156

Source: Durham Photographic Society | Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156