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Your Brand

Your brand, your logo, your colours: Its important everything matches to promote your company ‘brand’ – your ethos, your style and way of doing business in a beneficial way.

Start with your logo, it must show clearly on the website and paperwork. Set rules of your brand, for example; what sizes it is allowed to appear and where it should appear.

Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognised by potential customers and is correctly associated with a particular product. Your brand and the way it is used should give an ‘impression’ of your company’s ethos. Once you have a brand – and this can be as little as an agreed logo format and some agreed colours – it’s easy to capitalise on your brand and build a better impression towards your prospective and established customers. Place it almost everywhere; website, vans and cars, office windows, reception area, company videos, all paperwork, promotional items, adverts, business cards and the text should be included on-line and on the answerphone.

Intelligently instigated a brand can contribute to your bottom line very quickly.

Brand awareness includes brand recognition and brand recall performance makes adverts produce a better ROI. Brand recognition is the ability of your customers to correctly differentiate you from the competition. This does not necessarily require that the consumers identify the brand name. Instead, it often means that consumers can respond to a certain brand after viewing its visual packaging images. Brand recall refers to the ability of the consumers to correctly generate and retrieve the brand in their memory.

A flash of your brand or just your colours on-line can work well with traditional branding and marketing. Always include your brand marker/logo/colours when communicating online with social media. Prospective clients will build an awareness of your ‘brand’ before engaging with you. That’s why is a good idea to establish your brand sooner rather than later – even if it’s simply an agreed logo format and some agreed colours.

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