Victoria House Care Home

Residential Care Home Case Study.

We are proud to be and thoroughly enjoy being the social media management company for Victoria House Residential Home. On behalf of Victoria House, we communicate the updates and activities within the home with friends and family using the business Facebook page. A reflection of what is happening inside to the interested family and friends. The people reach has grown from a mere 140 people to 2096 people in August 2021.

The Company Background.

Victoria House Residential Home is a family run Residential Care Home providing Residential Care, Respite Care, Transitional Care and Dementia Care in Leeds.
A dedicated and experienced care team manage the home providing services such as Residential Care, Respite Care, Transitional Care and Dementia Care.

The Facebook page was set up for residents, staff and residents families to reflect the updates and events ongoing inside the home.

What We Do.

Zedcomms are Victoria House Residential Home social media management company. We receive photo, video and text information from the activities team via WhatsApp. Professionally posted onto the company Facebook page. We enhance the images and optimise the text for the best visitor experience.

An Example of Activity.

We have updated family and friends about the chicks hatching in the home, flowers received from families, birthday cakes and birthdays celebrations followed by videos of live entertainment. All reflected positively with good enhanced images. Even on holiday weekends, Zedcomms can post to Facebook updates that family and friends want to see and when they want to see – no need to wait for the following Monday.

The Results

The Facebook page has reached 2096 people in the last 28 days, double the previous 28 days. The engagement was up to 2377, up 165%. We are reflecting to Facebook the wonderful happenings within Victoria House and the family and friends really appreciate it..

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