WordPress course: Learn WordPress in a day


Our introduction WordPress course will give you the knowledge and tools to create, manage and run a great WordPress website.

WordPress course Outline:

How to set up WordPress

Introduction to WordPress

How to set up a WordPress website.

How to publish posts, pages, images and video
Formatting your posts

Adding links

Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio

Search Engine optimisation
How to make sure your website is optimised for Search Engines

How to take advantage of the social web

Sharing your content on other social networks

Auto-posting to Twitter and LinkedIn

Adding ‘Share’ buttons

Paul has over ten years working with websites and marketing, he has worked with over 2000 websites in the UK and some internationally. You will find him patient, helpful and inspiring.

I am very excited about my business again!


A client emailed me today: I am very grateful and delighted with all you are doing,  I am very excited about my business again! That’s a very good sign.

Running a business is hard, it’s lonely and sometimes not rewarding. My client just wants to do what she does best – in this case; make films and wedding videos. But she has to market her services and that’s not easy or cheap. You can spend a lot of money advertising and wait but that can burn a lot of cash and not always get you going. The Internet, of course, is by far the most efficient way to attract customers.  This lady has a website, a nice one too. But it is not bringing in leads.

We are in the process of turning it around. The process used focusses clearly on the product offered and the client required. We simply pull them together. Here is an outline of one of our processes.

Questions to be answered:

1 – Who are your customers.

2 – What are they searching on the Internet to find you.

3 – Can your website be found based on the search phrases.

4 – How many people are looking for your service in your coverage area.

5 – What percentage of the market can you cope with now.

Actions to be taken:

1 – Focus on what your customers are like, where do they go, how old are they and what sex are they.

2 – Optimise the website based on the typical search phrases.

3 – Ensure your website is on page one based on your searches. SEO, AdWords, PR and social media. Make sure your website navigates nicely and it is easy to contact you.

4 – Research search volume to confirm you are not marketing to a low market.

5 – Set targets to achieve your market share.
Simple math: Market share required = A. Market share achieved = B. Marketing goals achieved = C. Solution is to achieve A calculate the difference between A and B and increase C accordingly.




ASA (Amateur Swimming Association)

Working with ASA

Working with ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Managers

Working with ASA is going to be an exciting prospect for us. Part of business development, next month we are presenting a sales presentation to 25 leisure facility managers for the Amateur Swimming Association). They are the first sport governing body of swimming to be established in the world and remains the English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water swimming, and synchronised swimming. (Source: Wikipedia)

We’re really excited and we hope to get the honour of working with them in the near future.

Working with ASA