Open for business early


I walk through Darlington town centre most Wednesday mornings at 8.30 and notice some, not many, businesses are open for business.  Observing these businesses later in the day I noticed that they are the busiest.

Traditional trading times the UK is 9-5 but this is not a rule or a law.  You should be open and be ready for customers before 9 am or earlier.  The windows should be clean, stock refreshed, lights on and the shop clean and tidy, staff ready to serve.

In a past chapter in my life, I ran a retail outlet and later a restaurant.  The retail outlet was open early, if it was warm the doors would be open, a couple of potted plants outside and my signature – the pavement brushed and swilled with water.  This activity actually attracts attention and gives a good impression of an ‘on the ball’ business, its actually free advertising and great for staff positive mentality.  Activity attracts activity.

In an office environment, the same applies, get the staff in early, let them go early or give extra time off in lieu or build it into the employment contract.  They should be ready to take calls and conduct meetings at 9 am (or before) rather than just get going after a coffee at 9.45 ish.

Back to my observed stars in Darlington, the businesses I noticed were Savers, Relish, Alfornos and Taylors.  All successful expanding businesses.

If you are stumbling through the door at 9 am, hanging around outside, the keyholder is not there and the entrance is messy it won’t take much to instigate the above and the results will be great – all for free, just a little time and effort. The early bird gets the worm.


Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition North East

Photo Competition – enter here:

We are looking for some photos to use on our website to reflect the North East of England. Photographers chance to show your work, you will be credited and included in social media chat. This is what we are looking for; Photos of the North East from York to Berwick including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Teesside, Richmond, Thirsk and Northallerton – and ALL between. Photos of views and towns in our region, close ups of details for example a Georgian door in Richmond, landscapes of housing estates in Newcastle or street views.
Please submit your photos in any format and any size (but internet ready will be appreciated)  to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION.


If used we will credit you at publication on our site. You of course retain FULL copyright and may get some good exposure. The overall winner as ‘best photo North East’ will be announced to all entries with a press realease and link to your site.  Thank you!


Zedcomms content team. Mail photos to mail@zedcomms with subject PHOTO COMPETITION



Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156

Source: Durham Photographic Society | Established 1892, Affiliated with the PAGB through the NCPF, Registered Charity number 1100156

Sales Agents who work with SME businesses

I need…Sales Agents who work with SME businesses. I’m looking for like minded people to represent my quality, personal marketing agency/web design service. I want to build a relationship with quality conscientious people who already work with small businesses in the UK. As a partnership we share the revenue and work together with the client. Your role is to find the prospective customer, you may be talking with them already. Together we will propose a solution and I’ll build the website with my expert team. I have over ten years experience building and marketing websites for SME’s. I am probably one of the UK’s most experienced website produces with over 2500 websites under my belt. In addition I’m also an experienced marketeer and business person.

If your in-contact with SME’s and would like to add a quality Web design | Internet marketing arm to your business please contact me to find out more. Thanks for reading – Paul.

Paul Harper.

Website Design Franchise and Business Opportunity

!FRESH! Approach Website Design Franchise and Business Opportunity offer to set up individuals to start a website design business.  !FRESH! Approach Business Associates can offer a series of  Internet marketing services, website design and unique marketing platforms to businesses. The Website Design Franchise is based on the following:

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Technical partner.

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