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A free meeting with an experienced Internet marketing and branding expert. We will discuss your company objectives and aspirations and review your in-place marketing to produce your written report.  The report contains easy to read marketing suggestions specifically written for your company.  Included in the report is advice on how to maximise your company exposure now and how to capitalise on the modern ways to reach-out to customers.  We have helped many companies achieve marketing objectives without a huge advertising spend. We will explain and discuss our findings with you, no obligation, and the report is yours to keep.

You may work with us in the future and become part of our network of successful businesses.

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New brand logo – do you like the design?


Zedcomms’ new brand logo – do you like it?

We have just finalised our new brand logo. See the logo here. Do you like it?

A logo is far more important than often considered. It should portray your company ethos subliminally at a glance.

How to design a good logo:

Write down 3-5 adjectives that describe your business, it’s ethos and how you want to be perceived.

A good logo designer will know the colours, shapes and layout that will deliver your message. You will know subconsciously if indeed it does.


How to Increase contact through your website

How to increase contact through your website?

Add Click-to-Call or Request Call Back
& Get More Customers

Click-to-Call enables your customers to instantly and easily call you, when they view your site on a mobile device, with just the touch of a button. Be sure your phone number is in text and NOT an image for it to work. In fact, 1 in 5 people who visit a mobile site call the business using this feature. Don’t miss out on another call.

Request a call back form is a ten minute job to add. Give your site visitors the option to quickly fill in the form; Name, number and best time to call. Make sure you do call at the correct time! You’ll get a great response.

Change of model brings in four times more orders

Sign Up

Change of model brings in four times more orders.

Change of model brings in four times more orders. Wow this is exciting. We changed the sign up process for a Durham business online form and launched it at 5 pm Friday. We have had four sign-ups over he weekend, that’s what we usually get in a month. Genuinely exciting says our client.

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